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Gina Kirschenheiter Opens About Her New Romance With Boyfriend Travis Mullen And Gives An Update On Her Current Relationship With Ex-Husband Matt Kirschenheiter; Says “He’s Not A Monster”

Gina Kirschenheiter is opening up about her new romance with new boyfriend Travis Mullen. “It’s interesting. I really was thinking 100 percent, no way,” the Real Housewives of Orange County star told Us Weekly.

“It’s just a piece of paper, it’s just a contract — I’m not doing that again. There’s no reason, I already have my children. Being in this new relationship has kind of opened my mind a little bit to possibly, maybe [getting remarried]. So you never know. I’m staying open.”

“He has nothing to do with this [Real Housewives] world. He knows nothing about it,” she shared.

“We got set up through a friend and I don’t think either of us were expecting to like each other, you know? We just did, and it’s really easy and comfortable,” she continued. “He’s a great person. He’s a really good guy, really sweet, really kind and it’s nothing like I’ve ever really experienced before. I’m just really enjoying being with him and he’s pretty rad, so we’ll see what happens.”

“It’s just [been] a couple of months. So it’s still new, but we definitely spend a lot of time together,” she said, explaining the progression of her new relationship. “I would say feelings developed quicker than maybe they would if we weren’t able to see each other so much, so it’s nice. We think the same way, we have a lot of the same perspectives. … We make each other laugh.”

Gina made her new romance Instagram official on Monday, September 30. She posted a photo of herself with Mullen with the caption: “Always find a reason to laugh. It may not add years to your life but will surely add life to your years.”

After going public with her new relationship, don't ever expect Travis to ever appear on the Bravo hit reality series.

“I’m hopeful that maybe he would film, but I don’t want to put anything on anyone they’re not comfortable doing,” she explained to Us Weekly. “This is such a new world to him. So I really only want him to do it if he’s comfortable doing that. We’ll see how that goes.”

Despite being in a new relationship, Gina dished about her relationship with her ex-husband Matt Kirschenheiter in a separate interview with PEOPLE Now. The Bravo reality star revealed that she has compassion for the father of her three children as they navigate their divorce

“There is a part of my heart that feels bad for Matt because he wasn’t really a part of this to begin with and he’s not a monster,” Gina said. “It’s an emotional time, and people make mistakes. He’s made a lot of them, obviously.”

Part of the reason Gina said she can stay so optimistic is because she and Matt “don’t really communicate.”

“We communicate through a website, but it’s good for us,” she said. “It’s actually helping us to stay in bounds and have a healthy relationship moving forward. I’m hopeful that in the future, things will get better and it won’t always be like this.”

As far as co-parenting, she told PEOPLE Now, “Matt and I being away from each other is the best thing for our children.”

Photo Credit: Bravo, Instagram