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Lisa Vanderpump Reveals Why She’s ‘Focusing’ On ‘Positivity’ After A Difficult Year And Admits She’s ‘Sad’ About Her Decision Not To Return To RHOBH!

Lisa Vanderpump is looking to stay busy after dealing with so much personal hardships such as the passing of her brother Mark Vanderpump and most recently her mother Jean. “I want to focus on the positivity and the things going on in my life that are going well,” she told HollywoodLife.

“I’ve still got 400 people that work for me and a 5013C, a restaurant development, Vegas – There’s a lot of stuff that I’m doing on a day to day basis, but this (Vanderpump Dog Foundation) is very important to me, this place to see it thrive, to see it doing well.”

Lisa also talks about all the work that her foundation, Vanderpump Dgs is and has accomplished so far. “I’m really proud to say that my team – And it’s been a lot of work setting this place up – We’ve adopted out over 1100 dogs now and they’ve found pretty much wonderful homes and loving environments,” Lisa said. “There’s a lot of help that’s needed all over the world. Obviously most of the stuff we do is domestic here and we do have a sanctuary in China which we’ve got probably about 600 dogs there. John [Sessa] goes regularly to China and we’ve been fighting the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, but right now we just got in 2 dogs from Puerto Rico but I think that the problem goes on. We basically got a couple of dogs from Puerto Rico to draw attention to what’s going on over there.”

Vanderpump quit The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and did not attend the Season 9 reunion taping, LVP admits that despite her fallout with co-stars and quitting the series, it makes her sad that she will not come back when cameras resume filming for the show's upcoming tenth season.

“Of course,” Lisa said when asked if she was feeling sad about her decision not to return. “I was instrumental in the show right from the beginning. I’m not saying there’s regrets. I think it was impossible for me to stay. To me, when I started that journey, it was a pleasure and it was supposed to be fun, it was documenting our lives, and suddenly to be involved in a situation where six people are against you. I’ve found with the whole Housewives stuff, they lost the plot. The whole thing was about the dog. Suddenly they turn it into this kind of negative conversation. It was about the dog and that’s what it always should’ve been about.”

Photo Credit: Bravo