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Ester Dee Confirms She Still Lives With RHOCheshire Co-Star Dawn Ward And Reveals That Season 10 Will Air This Autumn On ITVBe!

Ester Dee confirmed in the comment section of her Instagram posts that she still lives with her Real Housewives of Cheshire co-star Dawn Ward. "Yes," replied Dee when asked if she was still living at Warford Hall.

Dee also revealed about the time when Season 10 will air on ITVBe, "I think autumn," she told a fan when asked when Season 10 was returning to the small screen.

But when she was asked again about the premiere of Season 10, she simply said, "Autumn."

Ealirer this month, Dee replied in the comment section of an Instagram post that she was returning to the series, adding a hands up and kiss emijos, confirming her return to the series.

Ester confirmed she was returning to RHOCheshire in the comment section of her recent Instagram post after a fan asked her if she was coming back for Season 10, in which she replied adding hand up and kiss emijos, confirming her return to the series.

Dee also revealed that filming for the new upcoming season will start "soon."

The news comes after Ester confirmed that The Real Housewives of Cheshire was returning for another season but she claimed she was “not sure” if she’s returning.

"Yes," said Dee when asked if the show was getting another series. "But not sure if I am coming back," she added along with a red heart emoji.

When a few viewers asked why she wasn't sure if she was coming back, she wrote, “maybe a break [is] needed.”

Photo Credit: Instagram