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Heather Dubrow Fires Back At Kelly Dodd For Calling Her ‘Skeletor’ And ‘Joker Face’

The feud between Heather Dubrow and Kelly Dodd continues! Dubrow fired back at Dodd's recent tweets, where The Real Housewives of Orange County star slammed her appearance on social media.

"Here's the thing, she called me Skeletor and Joker Face. When you're on a reality show, people write such terrible things about you, they make memes of you, they draw sketches... At first, you're duper offended, and then you kind of laugh a little bit and then it's whatever, you get over it, but two things...," she said on her podcast, Heather Dubrow's World, according to TooFab.

"No. 1 -- Are we face shaming and body shaming people still? I thought we were done with that," she continued. "Like, you want to be mad at me, you don't like me, you want to avoid me, you think I yelled at you -- okay, that's fine. You're allowed your narrative. You're allowed your opinion. But why call me Skeletor and Joker Face? And you're a mom! What kind of role model are you being? Don't call people names."

She continued: "That just always reminds me of the people on social media who just troll other people and just wanna be nasty and say mean things. It definitely goes back to [the saying], 'If you gave nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.' If Kelly wants to be mad or incensed or think that I yelled at her, okay, but don't call me names. Isn't it beneath you? And If it's not, I'm sorry. That makes me feel bad for you."

"You know what?" she added. "I choose to take Skeletor and Joker Face as the fact that I'm fit and happy, so there you go."

As previously reported,Dodd shared multiple videos via her Instagram Stories of her trying to avoid running into Dubrow outside of a Southern California gym.

In the clip, Dodd is heard saying, “The bitch won't leave, so I'm gonna have to face the music and run into her, which is so annoying.”

According to Heather, she was unaware that she and Dodd were feuding. “First of all, apparently we have a feud. Can you have a feud if only one of you is feuding? I think the only way you can have a feud by yourself is if you have multiple personalities. How can you have a feud if we aren’t feuding?” she said during an episode of her podcast, Heather Dubrow's World.

“I’ve been off the show two years and it’s not like I’m vying to come back. It’s not like there’s imminent conversations,” she explained. “It was copacetic. She apologized for the Terry thing, I said, ‘Fine,’ she tweeted, ‘They were so nice.’ That was kind of the end of that,” Heather recalled.

“In the light of day, in the parking lot of Orange Theory, this grown woman, this mother is sitting in the car filming me and my friend Sarah because we’re standing outside Orange Theory talking,” Heather shared. “I’m not blocking the door. I haven’t barricaded it. She didn’t want to run into me because she didn’t want to say, ‘Hi’?”

“Maybe I should be flattered that she is obsessed with me or wants to make a thing because clearly, you’re not going to make a video and post it and say my name seven times. You want me to see it, right? Okay, Kelly I saw it! Thanks for the laughs,” she said. “It’s so weird.”

“When people ask me about the show, I don’t think back and go back to what so-and-so said to me or what I said to so-and-so. There’s so many fun, hysterical moments that you have with these women and you bond so much. Even Kelly and I, we had some really great moments together in our couple of years there together,” she said.

As for Kelly's Instagram video, “I’m a little flattered because I feel like she might be mildly obsessed with me. I got the good laugh and I don’t know, I feel like I had to discuss it. It’s hilarious. It’s so funny,” said Dubrow.

“Listen, Kelly is basically a nice person. She’s a good mom and I think her daughter is sweet. I don’t know why she wants to feud with me but I would just say after two years of being off the show, in the words of Frozen, let it go!”

Kelly fire back at Duborw for discussing about her on her podcast.

“Thanks Heather Debrow for commenting on me .. Why are u @ orange theory?? Don't you have a gym & a personal trailer @ your mansion that u wouldn't show for the world .. #fake,” she tweeted. Along with her tweet, Dodd shared a screenshot of her response about the topic on Instagram. See her comment below.

“For people thinking my video of @heather Debrow was mean?? She yelled at me @orangetheory ask @evolutionusa .. I miss heard a questions on dr Dubrow miss spoke . Publicly apologized and she still went after me @Orangetheory that's why I avoid her!! Scared of skeletor.. #jokerface ,” she tweeted.

Photo Credit: Bravo