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Rachel Lugo Reveals The Real Reason Her Twin Sister Katie Kane Shared Skin Cancer Battle On RHOCheshire!

Rachel Lugo's twin sister Katie Kane got candid last season about her battle with skin cancer. Now, the Real Housewives of Cheshire star gives an update on her sister's health and reveals why she decided to share her journey on the ITVBe hit reality series.

If you recall, Katie had surgery to have a red mark removed from the left side of her face earlier this year after she was diagnosed with skin cancer. Katie, who now lives in Gibraltar made her return to the reality show during this week's episode to celebrate Rachel;s daughter's 21st birthday bash.

“Everyone gets to see how she is feeling and how she looks, she’s amazing,” Lugo told OK! Magazine UK. “It was really important for both of us to share it – when you have something so real and it impacts so many people, and you can raise awareness, it has got to be brought to a reality show because it is not all about dining out and arguments.”

“Katie has highlighted something and the number of messages and hand written letters I have received has left me astounded,” she continued. “For example, from people who have had a mark and got it checked and turned out it was the same as Katie and the outpouring of emotion from people saying if they hadn’t watched it they wouldn’t know, my goodness me, it has been remarkable.”

“That’s the reason we wanted to bring it to the show and Katie was brave in doing that, she is just amazing.”

Rachel then went on to explain her sheer “fear” of “the C word” following her mother and grandmother’s death from cancer.

She added: “Obviously Katie’s wasn’t terminal but you just hear that, the C word, and it still terrifies me.”

Photo Credit: ITV via Loose Women