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Kelly Bensimon Shares Some Juicy Behind-The-Scenes RHONY Secrets And Weighs In On Bethenny Frankel’s Feud With Carole Radziwill!

During a recent interview on Tony's Tea Corner podcast, Kelly Bensimon got candid about her time on The Real Housewives of New York City and her then feud with Bethenny Frankel. The former model also shared some juicy behind-the-scenes RHONY secrets and much more.

Bensimon was asked to share her thoughts on Frankel's feud with Carole Radziwill. “I don’t know Carole at all, I only knew Bethenny from filming. My personal opinion is that Carole was not right for TV. She’s a journalist, she’s a behind the scenes person. She wasn’t into it, she didn’t like it, she’s a professional woman,” she explained.

“She didn’t have the courage to stand up to Bethenny like me. She’s very close to Andy, and I think she was kind of like ‘do I ruin my relationship with Andy over this?’?

The podcast host then praised Carole's writing, to which Kelly spilled some hot tea.

“I actually used her ghost writer for my first book. I don’t know if she’s a great writer, but she’s a great storyteller.”

Then, Anthony, the host of Tony's Tea Corner podcast said, “Wait, so was Aviva [Drescher] telling the truth when she said Carole used a ghost writer?”

And Bensimon responded, “uh, yeah! Because I used her.”

Then, Kelly shared her thoughts on former nemesis Bethenny Frankel. “She’s got her formula. There’s a reason why she’s unhappy. People that are happy aren’t running around telling people they’re ‘unstable.’ They’re like ‘there’s a problem, let’s find a solution’. I mean, that’s how I raise my kids.’”

Kelly later admitted that she tried reaching out to Frankel many times in the past and reveals that she see's a lot of similarities between the two but manages to throw shade towards the SkinnyGirl mogul.

“I reached out to her (Bethenny), many, many times. I have literally ten emails with Andy Cohen and the producers being like ‘Hey, I know you had some issues (with me) in the past, and I just want to reach out to see if you want to talk so we can clear the air, and you can move forward’ and she just never responded because she couldn’t handle it. She could not handle that I was more adult than her.”

She continued: “Bethenny and I have a lot of similarities. We are both very hard working. I consider us to be mavericks. I don’t think in terms of the way we parent or they way we see the world that we are very similar. I would never bash my ex-husband, that’s just so tacky. All of that should be behind closed doors, she knows better. She has to be on her own because she just wants to be the victim, but that storyline is just tacky.”

Kelly then looked back at the iconic Scary Island episode and till this day, the mother-of-two insists she had a "breakthrough" not a "breakdown."

“I named it ‘scary island’ because as a kid, I used to watch Fantasy Island. It’s funny, because when the episode came out and Bravo was trying to do all this press, I had already called New York Magazine because I know those guys really well over there, and I knew they would write what I wanted them to write. I came up with ‘it wasn’t a breakdown, it was a breakthrough.’”

Kelly admits that she got "a ton of stuff" from appearing on the Bravo hit reality series.

“I could have been a super bitch… but I was just like ‘let’s have fun with this’. And I got a lot of covers out of it, I got a ton of stuff out of it,” she said on Tony's Tea Corner podcast.

Then, the podcast host responded, “Well as Taylor Swift once said ‘I would like to remove myself from this narrative.’”

Kelly Responded, “I think she kind of took that from me. Sorry TS, but I’m always like ‘I’m gonna remove myself from the situation’.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo