Thursday, September 13, 2018

Lisa Vanderpump And Dorit Kemsley Feuding Over Rescue Dog? — LVP Comes To Dorit’s Defense And Sets The Record Straight On Alleged Feud!

Lisa Vanderpump feels “betrayed” by Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Dorit Kemsley, who adopted a dog from Vanderpump Pets only to drop the animal off at a local animal shelter shortly thereafter, according to Radar Online.

Allegedly, after the chihuahua mix nipped at one of her children, Dorit brought the pup to the shelter and it was microchipped as belonging to Lisa’s rescue.

“Lisa was very upset over this and still is because she has known Dorit and Paul for a very long time,” a source close told Radar Online. “She knew Paul from London and because of their friendship, she brought Dorit on RHOBH. Dorit would not be on the show if it weren’t for Lisa, so of course Lisa is feeling extra hurt by this.”

“Dorit knows how much dogs mean to Lisa and that is really the worst part about it,” the insider added.

However, a new report is denying Radar's claims, as new sources reveal what really went down between LVP and Kemsley.

“That story is completely false,” the insider told PEOPLE. “Dorit did adopt a dog from Vanderpump Dog Foundation. She loves animals and has always been a huge supporter of Lisa’s rescue efforts. Everything was great for awhile, the kids (son Jagger, 4, and daughter Phoenix, 2) loved the dog and everything was fine.”

But in the summer, before cameras were rolling for the Bravo hit reality series, the dog bit Phoenix.

“It was a bad bite,” says the source. “It was pretty traumatic. Dorit and PK talked it out and decided that the best thing to do was find a new loving home for the dog. They were heartbroken, but made the decision for the safety of their young kids.”

The source says the Kemsleys found a home, but before placing the dog with its new family, Dorit called Vanderpump and told her what had happened before asking for her blessing. The source says Vanderpump understood.

Unfortunately, says the source, unbeknownst to Kemsley, the new family didn’t work out and the dog was brought to a shelter where a microchip traced it back to the Vanderpump Dog Foundation. Weeks later, after filming had begun on the show, Vanderpump broke the news to Kemsley that the dog had been taken to a shelter, reports PEOPLE.

“Lisa caught Dorit completely off guard by bringing it up,” says the source. “Dorit had no idea that the dog wasn’t still with the family.” Now, the source says Kemsley is “really hurt” by the whole situation with Vanderpump.

“Dorit is devastated by this,” says the source. “Lisa did eventually acknowledge that she believes Dorit had the best of intentions. But right now, Dorit is unconvinced of the same with Lisa.”

And ultimately, says the source, “the Kemsleys are avid supporters of the Vanderpump Dog Foundation and they hope that personal vendettas don’t get in the way of the charity.”

However, LVP set to record straight about the alleged reports and came to Kemsley's defense for giving up the rescue dog.

“She did not give it to a shelter; I’m gonna set the record straight with that, that’s not true at all,” Vanderpump told TMZ. “She gave it to somebody who really wanted the dog, who assured her it was going to a loving home, and that’s what Dorit thought. She would not drop the dog off at a shelter.”

Added Vanderpump: “Dorit did nothing wrong… It didn’t happen the way it’s been reported and I won’t have that said about my friend.”

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