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Carole Radziwill Claps Back At Andy Cohen For Comparing Her To Trump; Says She Stands By Calling Andy ‘Full Of S—’

Carole Radziwill claps back at Andy Cohen. During Monday night’s season premiere of Bravo’s Play by Play, Cohen was asked a variety of questions from the panelists including his thoughts on The Real Housewives of New York City Season 10 reunion and most notably, Radziwill’s claim that he was “full of s—”.

“I thought it was very Trumpian of her and I was very surprised by that,” said Cohen about Radziwill, according to PEOPLE.

“What show is she watching? All I was doing was pointing out, yeah, you both have been talking s— about each other,” referring to Radziwill and castmate Bethenny Frankel. “I wasn’t saying anyone was talking more s— or not. You’re both talking s— about each other. And you know we’re going to show the receipts. We have the receipts and we’re going to show them.”

“So don’t deny you never said anything bad about this person,” he finished. “Because you both were talking s— about each other.”

Following Cohen’s Play by Play appearance, Carole defended herself on Twitter and fired back at Cohen.

“Lol. I stand by #FOS [full of s—]. Trumpian is what @Andy did,” she wrote. “Created a false equivalent. He said we both bashed each other “all season.” Look at the clips. I was in the same outfit a black top. B/c it was all the last episodes in interviews taped 2 weeks before the reunion. #PlayByPlay”

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Photo Credit: Bravo