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Kyle Richards Admits She ‘Badly’ Wanted To Be Part Of The New Halloween Sequel!

Kyle Richards recently revealed that she so "badly" wanted to be part of the new upcoming Halloween movie and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star admits that she was touched by Jamie Lee Curtis’ prior statements about wanting Richards in the Halloween revival.

“I really wanted to be so badly. And I’ve never done this in my life … I literally reached out and said, ‘Can I be in it in any capacity? I’ll be an extra. I’ll do anything.’ But they didn’t think that it was going to fit in with the story or something,” she told Us Weekly. “I would’ve loved to have been.”

“I had my agent reach out to them because, you know, I’ve done so many movies and TV shows since I’m a baby. And that’s probably the no. 1 thing next to Little House on the Prairie, or now the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, that people ask me about. So it’s just something that I feel really proud to have been a part of. It’s such an iconic film. And I have a lot of memories from that, which I don’t have from all the things I’ve done,” Richards continued. “For some reason, it really sticks out in my mind.”

“It was a small little budget movie that we didn’t think was gonna really be a big deal and it blew up,” she added. “And I just feel very proud to be a part of it.”

Richards even confirmed the news via her Twitter page, admitting it was "true" that she wanted to be part of the upcoming horror flick.

Meanwhile, Jaime Lee Curtis who is returning to the film's franchise had a perfect idea for a Kyle cameo. "I have one for you. Can you imagine if Laurie Strode was in downtown Haddonfield and all of a sudden Kyle was walking toward her with her friends -- because she’s now a grown woman, maybe she has kids of her own -- and she sees Laurie Strode" she told TooFab. "Because Laurie Strode has such a bad reputation in town for being this dogmatic boy who cried Wolf, Michael Myers, Michael Myers, she sort of sees her and is like, 'Kids, let’s [motion pushing them away].' That would have been genius!"

Sadly, she added, "It's actually too late, it's too late," to do it now.

Richards starred in John Carpenter’s Halloween in 1978 as Lindsay Wallace, a young girl whose babysitter — played by Curtis — is stalked by Michael Meyers.

The new Halloween film is a direct sequel to the 1978 John Carpenter classic and will ignore the rest of the franchise -- which, yes, includes her last films like "Halloween H20"and "Halloween: Resurrection."

"H20 has no relevance, H20 Laurie was running and hiding, so the conception of H20 was Laurie was running and hiding. This movie has zero relevance to H20," she explained. "This movie is a standalone movie to the first movie, period, because you can’t tell the story if you have to link in all the rest … though David will tell you that there are elements of all of those movies, there’s some Easter eggs."

"There are shoutouts to honor the entire franchise, which was something that was important to me," added Green, "that we’re not diminishing every story that’s been told on their own, had their own imagination and their own. People who loved this franchise have gone in with their visions and made movies and that’s a dream come true for every director I’d imagine. I think it’s important to say, great job guys, now I’m going to run in a different direction but give you a shoutout."

Photo Credit: Getty Images