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Seven Reasons Why You Need To Watch RHOD Season 3!

As of today, The Real Housewives of Dallas is just a little over month away from its anticipated Season 3 premiere. Thanks to a new article from Good Tea, we are getting seven good reasons why we need to watch the new season. Keep reading and let us know if you agree with Good Tea's recommendations. Check it out below!

The following commentary is courtesy via Good Tea
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author (Good Tea), and they do not reflect in any way those of

1. LeeAnne Locken
If you are going to watch for one reason make it be this one. LeeAnne "They're Just Hands" Locken is the dysfunctional beating heart of this franchise and probably gives more than ANY Housewife that's come before her. Whether she's threatening to kill her cast members, throwing plates, getting in people's faces, delivering epic one liners, which she already gave us multiple of from that trailer, or her feud with Brandi which has become the corner stone of this franchise, you can ALWAYS count on LeeAnne to deliver some must watch TV.

2. Exotic Trips
Bravo must have stepped up their Mexico shoe string budget for the ladies this time around because they are not only going to the snow in Beaver Creek but are even heading to Copenhagen, it's always good to see the ladies taken out of their natural habitat. While I'm over the Housewives cold European trips, if they deliver some Amsterdam style drama and keep the alcohol flowing then they just might get away with the choice to follow the recent Housewives trend.

3. Costume Parties
No one loves a theme party more than a housewife and that is more than reflected in this season when the ladies attend an 80s prom party, a frat party and even run the streets of Denmark in matching outfits. There's something so soothing about watching grown women argue in ridiculous costumes and we should count our lucky stars we don't have to sit through another Great Gatsby, Halloween or White themed party this season.

4. Brandi's Adoption
After suffering a miscarriage last season, Brandi's upcoming storyline will be all about adopting her son Bruin, who like the rest of her clan is a redhead. I don't think we've ever seen an adoption storyline on the Housewives before so it will be a beautiful thing to watch and of course there will be drama attached to it when LeeAnne calls Brandi an alcoholic. The fact that these ladies even managed to create some drama from an adoption storyline shows how good this season is going to be.

The Real Housewives of Dallas premieres on Wednesday, August 15 at 9pm/8c on Bravo

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