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Gizelle Bryant: “Karen And I May Go At Each Other’s Throats, But At The Core There Is A Level Of Respect”

Gizelle Bryant is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Gizelle Bryant opens up about her sit-down with Karen Huger and about the luncheon drama between the rest of the ladies. Were you nervous about meeting with Karen after what happened at the press conference?
Gizelle Bryant: Karen and I may go at each other’s throats, but at the core there is a level of respect. I wasn't nervous at all about meeting Karen because I knew we were going to have a grown woman conversation. Grown woman conversations are what I live for. Karen loves me and I knew she couldn't stay mad at me for long. What were you thinking when Robyn told you what had happened at Monique’s party? Do you think it would have gone so badly had you been there to help field these feelings between the ladies? 
GB: Complete shock listening to Robyn tell me about Monique's party. I can understand having an issue with one lady at a party, but TWO and at the same time and screaming. That's the story of MY life not Robyn's. I truly believe that had I been there things would not have escalated as they did. Maybe everybody had too much frozen wine but the party looked like there was a riot that was about to break out. If I was there with Robyn we would have kept the car running, no need to wait on chaos and confusion. What inspired you to finally write a book? What do you think about Karen’s advice to be careful -and about Monique saying you need a ghost reader? 
GB: I have lived a very interesting life. I am now in a space where I want to share tidbits of my story in a fictitious way on my terms. Karen's advice is genuine and comes from a sincere place. She was raised in the church, so she wants to protect the church and protect me. Again, whether I wrote one book or 17, this is FICTION and I can't nor do I want to damage the black church. As for Monique, not surprising since the last book she read was probably paint by numbers. Over all, do you think that your luncheon brought the ladies together? What do you think of Robyn and Ashley’s clash? Robyn and Monique’s?
GB: The luncheon was EVERYTHING. The love in the sweet potatoes and the macaroni and cheese made everyone put their attitudes and their nastiness in the trashcan. I felt a huge breakthrough with Ashley, it seemed like she finally realized that she has been the worst friend ever to Robyn and enough is enough. As far as Robyn and Monique are concerned there is nothing vested, so if Robyn never speaks to Monique again, that's cool.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo