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Lea Black Calls Out Heather Dubrow For Slamming Her Skincare Line On Evine — Heather Apologizes For The ‘Confusion’ And Claims It ‘Was Not Intentional’; Says She ‘Got The Name Wrong!”

Over the weekend, a feud erupted between Lea Black and Heather Dubrow. It all went down when the Real Housewives of Miami alum called out the Real Housewives of Orange County alum on Twitter after Dubrow allegedly slammed Black's skincare line while promoting her own beauty range on Evine.

While promoting her own product on Evine, Dubrow said the following via the clip above: "I've tired everything, and there's one that always makes me laugh, which I remember years ago called Sudden Youth or Sudden something - it was made from egg whites... the before and afters were great. And then I bought it, you put it on and it will make you look like this [Dubrow makes her face tight as demonstration] super tight and as soon as you smiled, it cracked... it was dry... it was a disaster."

Lea took to Twitter to call out Dubrow for slamming her Sudden Youth skincare line on Evine.

"Hey @HeatherDubrow , people just contacted me saying you slandered and misrepresented my Sudden Youth face mask on Monday. I have had the product 25 years. Many happy customers. It's available at you should try it before misrepresenting it. @Evine," she tweeted. 

"She "laughs" - no laughing matter when you slander a product with scientific testing backing up customers claims & testimonies of over 25 years. Pretty is as pretty does. Don't need to put Sudden Youth down & pretend to be better than. Did she not get the #support women memo?," Black fired back at Dubrow.

Lea came in with her receipts and put Duborow in her place for coming after her brand and wants Evine to hold her accountable for "slandering" her product. "When you spend 25 plus years working 7 days a week creating beauty products backed up w/scientific studies-then hear you're product is being slandered on national tv-then lecture me about caring. @HeatherDubrow insulted my customers worldwide. @evine should hold her accountable."

"Why use an imitation. Het the original mast that has scientific studies and proven results since 1984. And support other women.," she tweeted after a fan came into her defense.

Heather Duborw then responded to Lea's tweet - apologizing claiming that she got "confused" and got the name wrong. 

"I wasn't talking about your product ! I was talking about an old product from when I was a kid! I'm sure your line is fantastic, sorry for the confusion!," Dubrow tweeted back.

"@LeaBlackMiami I profusely apologize for the confusion. I honestly didn't know your product and was talking about something from 35 years ago. I obviously got the name wrong. Was not intentional," she tweeted.

Lea responded to Heather's tweet: "Sudden youth is my product. & it's been my product since 1984. Maybe you were a kid then? I was working 24/7 traveling all over the world promoting it including an infomercial for 3 years & HSN & it is dubbed by many as a non surgical face lift. I still sell it. Research? Im old," Lea clapped back.

Heather responded and continued to assure Lea that she got the name wrong and apologized to her.

"No, it wasn't your product I was talking about. I apologize and congratulations on all of your success." 

For more information on Lea Black's Sudden Youth skincare line visit or CLICK HERE!

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Photo Credit: Bravo