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Lea Black Addresses Heather Dubrow Feud Over Skincare Diss!

Last week during Lea Black's digital series Lunch with Lea, the Real Housewives of Miami alum dishes on her epic Twitter feud with former Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow. If you may recall, Dubrow dissed Black's skincare line Sudden Youch while promoting her own line during a live segment on Evine.

Black called Dubrow out of Twitter and the two exchanged tweets in which Heather backtracked and apologized, saying she got "confused" and said that she got the name wrong, by claiming that she was talking about another product, despite saying Lea's product name live on television.

During a recent episode of Lunch with Lea, which airs live on Facebook at 12pm ET / 3pm PT via her official Facbook page - Lea, who was infamously known on the Bravo hit show as the "Mayor of Miami" addressed her fight with Dubrow.

The video at 25:17 is where Lea addresses her beef with Heather Dubrow, see clip below!

"My Twitter and mt e-mail and my text messages were like "Oh my God, we just heard that Heather Dubrow was criticizing your product on Evine." And then two people sent me a clip of it," said Black about how she found out about the diss from Dubrow.

"I looked at it and she describes the product exactly, she says it's the mask that tones and it lifts and it tightens and if you move it cracks - I does crack if you move because you suppose to be still so that the mask could be stronger rather than cracking it and being weaker," said Lea about her Sudden Youth beauty product.

"Then she says its got egg whites in it, yes it does," she explains. "That's one of the active ingredients along with aloe vera and by the way you can try to copy that for the rest of you life and you're never going to duplicate it because of the raw ingredients that we have in it that we control than no other labs do, and she goes on and she calls it by name, describes it pearline - talks about how horrible it is and thank God she and Terry came to their rescue and they've solved this problem and they've taken this new breakthrough technology and theirs is better."

"I was like, "Do you always think you're better than everybody else?" It just infuriated me because we habe customers around the world, distributors around the world that rely on sales and commission and customers around the world that I don't need to think that this product isn't any good because this person who knows nothing about skincare other than she married a doctor that might know about skincare but more likely he not knows more about surgery, " she continued.

"I pioneered this product when I was like in my early 20's and sold it. I had offices in Prague, Switzerland, all over the United States, Caribbean, Central America, South America, Toronto, everywhere where we were selling the Sudden Youth and we were on an infomercial for three years - we were the top in the top three infomercials in the world for three years with this product called Sudden Youth."

"Initially it was just called a non-surgical facelift kit and then we trademarked the name Sudden Youth, but it was clearly the product. So when I tweeted out that she did it instead of insulting my product, she should concentrate on, you know, creating something new instead of trying to copy my product."

"She tweets back and says, "Oh you know it wasn't your product, it was another product, it wasn't your product" and I'm like it was called Sudden Youth, it has egg whites, it tightens your face, it cracks if you move when you're using it and it leaves a residue on your face if you don't wash it off properly in court with the instructions - what part of that does not describe my product that's been tried and tested for 30 years now."

"Since I was just out of school and she's like "Oh no, we weren't talking about your product, it was a product that I used when I was a kid, my mom's product. Also, you are now suggesting I'm really really old. Maybe I am really old, but my skin isn't." she continued. "My product has tested, has proven through the years, and has stood in the test of time."

"I have the clinical studies, blind studies and laboratory studies to back up every single claim that we make, which what percentage of the line and wrinkles it takes out - how much at what percentage it lifts the skin, what percentage it does - I have all the clinical studies to back it up and lots and lots and lots of happy customers.

"Listen, I get it, you didn't know it was my product and you didn't mean it as a personal slam, i forgive you," she added. "But stop saying it wasn't my product when clearly it was my product and just acknowledge the fact that the product was so good that you're trying to copy it and improve on it because it's such a great product with a breakthrough technology and then just acknowledge that you can't come up with anything original, just say those things and we're done."

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