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Tom Schwartz And Katie Maloney Give An Update On Their Marriage: “We Still Have Things That We’re Working On And Old Habits”

Vanderpump Rules couple Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney opened up about the hardships in their relationship. “We’re doing amazing. Married life is pretty damn blissful, but it’s still work,” Maloney told Us Weekly. “We still have things that we’re working on and old habits.”

“She keeps me on a short leash. But that’s my own doing,” Schwartz teased.

Maloney clarified her husband’s remarks and revealed the reason why she keeps a watchful eye over him: “He’s been embracing his frat boy ways a little bit.”

Echoing this wife’s comments, Schwartz chimed in, “I’ve been more or less on my best behavior.” Maloney added: “You just party like one.”

But at the end of the day, Schwartz comes home to Maloney and all is well — right? “That’s the thing. Sometimes he doesn’t [come home],” said Maloney adding that the strains in the couple’s marriage will come to light on the current season of the Bravo hit reality series. “We’re good. It’ll make sense.”

Photo Credit: Bravo