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Roxy Jacenko Confirms She's Not Joining The Real Housewives Of Sydney, Producers Reportedly Adding Two New Cast Members For Season 2!

PR maven Roxy Jacenko has confirmed she will not join the second season of The Real Housewives of Sydney, despite reports. "Housewives? No, I am most certainly not and I am perplexed as to where that rumor came from," she told The Daily Mail Australia.

"It’s not something I’ll be doing – it’s scary to watch!" she added.

Jacenko also responded to rumors she would appear on other reality shows. "In the one week I have found out that I am going to be a Housewife and the new Mark Bouris on Celebrity Apprentice – all news to me!"

News Corp originally reported that Roxy's ex fling Nabil Gazal - who rekindled his relationship with Roxy while her husband Oliver Curtis was in jail this year - is tipped to star on the show.

The two have a direct connection to the show. Nabil is the brother of Nicole O'Neil, one of the cast members of the show, who is believed to be making a return in 2018.

Nicole said she hoped producers took the show in a more positive direction. “I am so proud to be a Sydney girl and I hope that season two will show even more fabulous aspects of our incredible city,” she told The Daily Telegraph. On who will return, O’Neil remained tight lipped.

“I think there will be some surprises,” she added.

Apparently. O’Neil’s famous brothers — including Nabil Gazal Jr — are in the sights of producers who are keen to have the former beauty queen’s family on the show, reports the publication.

While Foxtel maintains there is no news on the future of the controversial reality show, insiders say it is a done deal.

Most recently, all original cast members — minus Athena X Levendi and Lisa Oldfield — flew to Brisbane for an event.

Sources say after several test shoots, at least two women have been identified as potential new cast members.

“It took a while but they have found women who will change the dynamic of the show,” the insider told The Daily Telegraph.

It's been reported that producers of the Foxtel hit reality show have been exploring potential future storylines with the show’s existing cast.

Victoria Rees revealed she has been asked to date in season two and Matty Samaei to share more of her relationship. Her wedding is rumored to be filmed for the the show's upcoming second season.

What are your thoughts? Who do you want to see return for Season 2? Sound off in the comments below!

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