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Jeana Keough And Lauri Peterson Talk About Their Lives After RHOC!

Jeana Keough and Lauri Peterson talk about their lives after leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County. The two former reality stars shared an update on their lives during a new video interview published by Bravo.

“Since I left the show, George had four kids in custody. So managed to raise them, raise mine and I’ve got one in college. My children are my accomplishment, but now bringing on a grandchild as a child, that’s pretty huge,” Peterson told Bravo's The Daily Dish, who adopted her son Josh’s daughter, Kennedy, in 2015.

As for Keough, she said she’s now “at the selfish phase of my life. It’s just all about me. I used to just do everything for everybody else and the last boyfriend I had said, ‘You know what? You need to focus on you,’ ” Keough added.

Despite any past — or current — feuds with RHOC castmates, Keough admitted the Bravo women will always share a bond.

“You can be mad at Tamra [Judge], you can be mad at Vicki [Gunvalson], but it is a sorority. We all came in together. It’s like going to college,” she said. “And no matter what, forever we’ll always be family and always have each other’s back.”

Transcript courtesy via PEOPLE

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo