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Teresa Giudice Announces Second Memoir ‘Standing Strong’ And Talks About Raising Her Daughters Without Husband Joe!

Teresa Giudice has announced that she's working on her second tell-all memoir about overcoming adversity. “This has been a very difficult year for me, with losing my mother and having my husband in prison,” the Real Housewives of New Jersey star told PEOPLE. “I found that writing this book and talking about everything I was going through was very therapeutic for me.”

Teresa, who has also written several lifestyle and cook books, first published her memoir Turning the Tables about her time in prison in February 2016. Now her story continues in this new memoir Standing Strong (out this fall).

“I think this is a natural sequel to Turning the Tables, as it chronicles my life after I came home from Danbury [Federal Correctional Institution],” she explained. “It in essence picks up where the last book left off.”

The book will touch on the happy moments she’s managed to experience since her husband’s incarceration, including the 45th birthday she just celebrated with her children, but Standing Strong will also open the blinds further on her personal difficulties — especially how she makes life work as a single mother and the loss of her late mother Antonia Gorga.

Teresa admitted she has had a more difficult time coping than her daughters. “I’m incomplete. He’s the missing piece of the puzzle,” she told the publication. “Without him I feel lost.”

Her new book is an attempt to heal, she confesses: “Writing this particular book has been very emotional and personal for me as I am going to depths that I have never gone to in previous books.”

Photo Credit: Bravo