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Katie Maloney-Schwartz Admits She “Mismanaged” Her Emotions With Scheana Shay And Weighs In On Scheana’s Rekindled Friendship With Lala Kent!

Katie Maloney-Schwartz addresses her drama with Vanderpump Rules co-star Scheana Shay during the Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen After Show on Monday night and also shares her thoughts on Shay's rekindled friendship with Lala Kent.

"I feel bad in general about a lot of my behavior. Not to make excuses. I completely am accountable and take responsibility for the way I acted. I think I mismanaged a lot of my emotions. Planning a wedding is really stressful," Katie explained. "I think it was a little complicated with Scheana. I kind of sensed at times that she was distancing herself, but granted, she had a lot going on that I didn't know about. So there was a lot of crossed wires and, I think, miscommunication."

But in the months since Katie's wedding, it seems as though Scheana has rekindled her friendship with Lala Kent, which was partly the source of their drama to begin with.

"Truthfully, it wasn't that I had an issue with her being friends with Lala or not. It's just I wanted some consistency from her, whether she went back and forth, like, 'I don't like Lala. I don't want to be her friend.' But then she did. So I'm like, 'Can you just pick one and stick to it?'" Katie weighed in on Scheana and Lala's newfound friendship during the WWHL After Show.

"So I think if that's what she wants, then I support it. It's fine. It doesn't really have an effect on me as long as it doesn't affect our friendship, ultimately. It's her choice. Be friends with who you want but just be consistent about it. Don't keep flip-flopping back and forth. The fair weathered-ness is hard to keep up with."

One WWHL caller said that, overall, Katie acted like "a mean girl" this season, which she said was "a fair assessment." "I still feel like I've been the same person [as in past seasons]. I think I displayed the darker sides of me a lot this summer. Again, it's not about making excuses but there was a lot of stress," she said. "I would watch and I would cringe and like, 'Oh my God. I hate me.' I look like this insufferable person, and at times I really was. But I still am that person. I just got a little lost."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo