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Tom Schwartz Defends Katie Maloney-Schwartz’s Against Haters!

This season on Vanderpump Rules, viewers has noticed that the stress of wedding planning and the drama within her crew of bridesmaids is weighing on Katie Maloney-Schwartz's attitude. While the SURver has been getting quite some negative reaction from fans for her behavior this season, her now-hubby Tom Schwartz is coming to her defense and has some words to share to her haters.

"Katie, in the past, she's been contentious and petty and just sulky, but once you've seen Katie's inner light you know that's not what defines her," Tom, who has also faced off with his spouse throughout the season, recently told The Daily Dish. "There's so much more to Katie. That's not what defines Katie Maloney. I wouldn't be married to her if it was, you know? Once you see her in her light, it sounds cheesy, but, yeah."

Schwartz's longtime best bud, Tom Sandoval, took that argument one step further, noting that Katie's inner circle of gal pals should have stepped up more to support her. "When you're in a vulnerable spot or when you're in a situation where you can either go either way, in my opinion, it's your friends job to keep you from straying too much to the dark or letting something ruin your night," he told us. "It's your friends' job to be, 'Hey, take a deep breath. You OK? You good?'"

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo