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Bethenny Frankel Explains Why She’s “Not Ready To Settle Down” With Her Current Boyfriend Dennis Shields!

Bethenny Frankel reveals where exactly she stands with her current boyfriend Dennis Shields these days. The Real Housewives of New York City star shares that she's definitely taking things slow with her man. “He’s still in my life. I saw him last week for his birthday, but I’m not ready to settle down right now," the Skinnygirl mogul told PEOPLE recently. “The truth is, the world made it into something more than either of us have.”

Bethenny noted that while Dennis goes through a divorce from his wife of twenty years, she's not ready to be one man's lady. “I care about him but the bottom line is he’s still married. And I don’t want to stop the music yet. I’m not ready to be linked to any one person," she said. “I’ve known him for 27 years and I care about him, but I’m keeping my options open,” she says. “I don’t know what the future holds. It’s not a heartbreak story, it’s a heart healing story.”

Bethenny finalized her divorce from Jason Hoppy last year, and these days she's more focused on her life as a mom than that of a girlfriend. “In the past, I’ve made some choices that were questionable in my opinion, for myself, and I’m looking at that. Given the circumstances of my previous relationship and the torment and difficulties I’ve had the last five years, I need to balance and rest and reflect," she said. "It’s very easy to rush something or turn something into a solution, but right now I feel the solution is me spending time with myself and my daughter, trying to regroup and not hurry to find the answer.”

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo