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Joanna Krupa Wins Permission To 'Dig Into Brandi Glanville's Finances' As Slander Lawsuit Continues!

According to a new report, Joanna Krupa has been given the green light to dig into Brandi Glanville's financial records. On Friday, a judge agreed to allow the former Real Housewives of Miami star to go for punitive damages which means her lawyers will be able to look through the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills alum's financial documents to determine how much money she has, according to TMZ.

Krupa has asked to see Brandi's balance sheets, bank accounts and tax returns as well as well as be made aware of any gifts valued at over $1000.

This is so the star can work out, if she wins, how much money she can get and where she can get it from. Joanna's lawyer, Raymond J. Rafool, tells TMZ they want to punish Brandi for her "vile" statement.

Krupa is allowed up to $2 million in punitive damages under Florida law.

According to recent court records obtained by The Daily Mail revealed that Joanna has been ordered by a Florida judge to hand over years of her personal gynecological records which the judge will review the records to determine if they are relevant to the case.

Glanville insisted Krupa produce her Housewives of Miami contract, medical records, tax returns and other financial information.

On January 25, a hearing was held in Miami Court where the judge sided with Glanville and ordered Krupa to hand over both her gynecological records from 2000 to 2005, and her Real Housewives of Miami contract.

She will also have to hand over all communications with Lisa Vanderpump, Mohamed Hadid and Andy Cohen as it relates to the case.

Photo Credit: Getty Images