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Tamra Judge: “I Have Forgiven Kelly, I Honestly Feel Sorry For Her”

Tamra Judge is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Tamra believes Vicki Gunvalson threw Kelly under the bus and calls out Vicki Gunvalson for being a bad friend

Tamra writes:

"The aftermath of Kelly in Ireland was difficult for me. Her words hurt me so bad and I just wanted to remove myself from being around her the rest of the trip. I knew in time I would forgive her, I just wasn't ready to move on. For a woman that is constantly making public scenes and crying about how she doesn't want her daughter to hear about it, I was in shock that she would go there. Did I want to "kill her"? NO, just a figure of speech. But I'm sure she'll take that comment and start playing victim as if I was really threatening her. Seems to be a pattern of hers. For instance in Kelly's delusional blog last week she wrote, "Tamra is a very strong woman and she hit me hard". You can ask everyone there if I hit her and they will tell you NO. Just another one of her lies. She lies so much she can't keep her story straight.

I had to laugh at how Kelly said she was "joking" when she yelled at me to keep walking and how I came back as if I wanted to fight. Oh please! I hate to reuse old lines, but I have too. Kelly, does your ass ever get jealous of the s*** that comes out of your mouth? This girl can twist any situation. We have watched Kelly verbally abusive everyone. She has admitted she has anger issues yet doesn't try to better herself or stop drinking. I have forgiven Kelly, I honestly feel sorry for her. Her life must be miserable for her to act like this. I hope she finds her happiness one day. 

Milking a cow was something I had never done and will probably never do again. I knew Kelly and Meghan would be coming soon after we milked the cows and I told myself to not let her affect me. I did a good job of avoiding her for the most part. Kelly finally apologized and told me I was a good mom and a very forgiving person. It was nice of her to do that, but I was in no mood to talk about it. I had been crying all night and I needed to move on. 

Vicki had been showing us her boobs the whole trip. I was pretty shocked when she pulled her blouse open at the dinner table in front of the staff, funny at the time, but pretty classless. Our final dinner was bizarre in many ways. Kelly had this victim attitude, often muttering words under her breath acting like everyone was out to get her. Very strange behavior. Shannon wanted to have a fun night, it was our last night and we had to head to the airport at 3 AM. We all decided we were just going to stay up. Kelly had told us that tequila is an upper, so Shannon started ordering shots for everyone...doubles. Trying to change the mood. I was not drinking and Shannon kept ordering shots for me too, but I didn't drink them. I didn't accuse Shannon of trying to get me drunk, I'm an adult, I'm responsible for what I put in my mouth. I knew she just wanted to have fun our last night. Especially since everyone had moved on from the drama.

I thought it was pretty crappy of Vicki to say, "Tamra could be behind trying to get Kelly drunk". Making it out like it's a big conspiracy. How dare you, I wasn't even drinking or ordering drinks. It just goes to show no matter how forgiving and nice I am to Vicki she always stabs me in the back or tries to make me look bad. She talks behind everyone's back including mine. We will get to that real soon.

After dinner I went back to my room to pack. 20 minutes later Kelly and Vicki came knocking on my door all dressed up and ready to go out. I did not want to go out with Kelly and chance her getting drunk and acting badly, I did not answer the door. They went across the hall to Shannon’s room (I could see through the peep hole), Shannon asked Kelly why all the sudden did she want to go out and drink after she was refusing to at dinner? Kelly started getting loud in the hall and Shannon closed her door. Shannon and Heather came to my room and we decided to go to the hotel pub. We were there for a while and I decided to text Vicki to see what she was doing. She said after having a few drinks with Kelly she went back to her room and was lying in bed, I told her to come meet us but I did not want to see Kelly. She got dressed and came to the pub. We were having so much fun. Then Vicki started telling me that Kelly had been talking badly about me for months. I asked her why? I've been so supportive of her and stuck up for her knowing she was not in a good place in her marriage. The more Vicki told me the more I was feeling like a fool for sticking up for her. I sent Kelly a text with a picture of me and Vicki and asked why she was talking badly about me? What had I done to her? She called Vicki a liar and told me she was on her way to my room. 

When she got off the elevator I started taking to Kelly and she started crying telling me she had never said a bad thing about me. So who’s lying? You could see Vicki felt really uncomfortable and ran down the hall so she didn't have to be confronted. Vicki was doing what she does best tossing her good friends under the bus. By the way Vicki ran off, I believe she was lying to try to get me mad at Kelly. It was so calculated! She knew Kelly had apologized to me and knew I would move on. Seems like Vicki doesn't want me to be friends with Kelly. I wonder why? 

3:20 AM we all got into the bus and Kelly instantly started in by telling Meghan, "I don't know why everyone attacks me, I didn't do anything to anybody, everyone can dish it out but can't take it." What planet does this girl live on? Like Shannon said, "I took it from you Kelly." Does she forget how she's attacked everyone on that bus? Shannon sat there while Kelly called her a c*** at dinner, I think she took it pretty well. Then she started screaming at everyone, I thought we resolved this in the hallway. Kelly said Vicki lied which didn't shock me and we left it at that. Heather asked Kelly to "let it go"...but no! Calling Shannon a drunk, telling me I'm not nice, and we attacked her in the hallway. This girl! I never attacked her in the hallway. I just asked her about what Vicki had told me in a calm voice. Then she loses her s***, screaming SHUT UP, yet she was the only one screaming. Telling Shannon to go shave her face was so immature, she really does take things down to low level. Cutting down someone's physical appearance is just horrible. Then there is Vicki that sits there and acts like she has nothing to do with it. Her big mouth was the reason the fight started.

Kelly now you know how I feel. For nine years I have been a loyal friend to Vicki and all she did was talk behind my back. I told the girls that after forgiving Vicki for the cancer lie I would be done with her if I found out she was talking behind my back again. Well guess'll have to wait until next week to hear what Vicki had been telling Kelly about everyone."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo