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Bethenny Frankel Dishes On Her Feud With Luann de Lesseps: “She Is Like A Cockroach. She Is Going To Do Anything To Survive”

Bethenny Frankel is opening upabout her ongoing feud with her Real Housewives of New York City co-star Luann de Lesseps. The Skinnygirl mogul says that she and the Countess are far from ever becoming friends again.

“She is like a cockroach. She is going to do anything to survive. And you can’t blame a cockroach for what it does,” she tells Us Weekly. “It’s part of life. You’re not gonna live in New York and not see them. They’re here to survive and it could be a nuclear bomb and they will crawl right out.”

The two butted heads throughout the season but things got heated during a heated debate about de Lesseps' love life and her relationship with Thomas D'Agostino Jr.. During a girls’ weekend at Dorinda Medley’s Berkshires home, Frankel launched into a verbal tirade against her longtime frenemy, calling her a “slut, and liar and a hypocrite.” The drama came to a head when Frankel tearfully told de Lesseps on camera that she had photographic evidence of her fiancé, Tom D’Agostino Jr., hooking up with another woman at a hotel bar.

Frankel claimed to only have de Lesseps’ best interests at heart by showing her the picture. However, the Countess took her groom-to-be’s side and retaliated by alleging on part 1 of the RHONY season 8 reunion that Frankel’s current boyfriend, banker Dennis Shields, was still married when the pair started seeing each other.

“I can’t believe that someone would absolutely just blindly make up a lie just to get the stench off of them,” said Frankel  of de Lesseps’ attack. “I couldn’t believe it.”

To prove de Lesseps wrong, the mogul called Shields’ daughter to set the record straight during the taping: “I [told host] Andy [Cohen], ‘When someone accuses me of being with someone who’s cheating while he’s living in his house, yeah, I’m not very light and bright.’”

She jokingly adds: “And I wasn’t leaving there until there was a blood sample, there was a lie detector test, a full trial.”

Photo Credit: Bravo