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VIDEO: Jeff Lewis Opens Up About His Feud With Heather Dubrow; Calls Her “Phony, Fake And Pretentious” — Watch It Here!

Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis and Real Housewives of Orange County Heather Dubrow are currently beefing after Lewis called Dubrow out on Watch What Happens Live over a past run-in at Shannon Beador's birthday party.

During her recent interview with Access Hollywood Live, Lewis sat down with Kit Hoover and guest co-host Dave Karger and dished about his feud with Dubrow and Lewis breaks down what really went down at Shannon's birthday party.

The interview kicked off when they asked Lewis what was he going to name is daughter. "Well it's not going to be Heather Dubrow Lewis, I'll tell you that much. That's been crossed off the list," the Flipping Out reality star joked.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis named Heather Dubrow as his least favorite Housewife, which Dubrow took to Twitter to call out Lewis and embarked on a Twitter feud.

"Andy Cohen knew that I didn't love her and I swear he threw that question when I was on his show" "I was just answering the question and I said Heather Dubrow."

He continued: "I don't hate her, I don't think about her, it's just Heather Dubrow. So all of a sudden she went nuts on Twitter and started name calling me, it just escalated and it won't die."

When Heather Dubrow addressed her issues with Lewis during her appearance on AHL, she claimed that Lewis body shammed her, which Lewis took the opportunity to share his side of the story.

"First of all I think she's a size zero so body shamming did not happen. She also said that I objectified her. I actually complimented her. Aside from her hateful personality that makes her ugly, she's an attractive woman. I think she's an attractive woman."

"Her husband by the way was sitting right across from me at this dinner party and if had said something, I assume her husband would have stepped in. But what I did, I asked her, I said: "You look great, have you had any plastic surgery." "Because she's married to a plastic surgeon. Am I the first person that has ever asked this?"

He continued: "She got very defensive, which tells me, maybe [she has]. Then I did say: "Maybe you'll be more fun if you drank more," but that applies to most people."

Jeff made it clear that the only issue he had with the RHOC star was the way she treated the waiters at the restaurant. "The real issue with me, and this may just be a button is that she was just rude to the wait staff."

He added: "Can I tell you something, I get along with all the Housewives, they call me the Housewives whisper. There's an issue with her. I think she's phony, fake and pretentious."

Photo Credit: Bravo