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RHONJ Recap: Swimming With The Gefilte Fishes [Episode 6]

by: Sam Allan

I feel like Jersey is finally getting its groove back! Dolores' ex was redoing her kitchen which she surprised by. By the way I love her new confessional look! Anyways, Dolores and Siggy went over to Jacqueline's house to get the dish on Jacqueline and Teresa's dinner. Mmmm. I'm gonna be real, Jac is getting really good at impersonating Teresa. When she was explaining what happened it made a lot of sense to me so on this issue I'm #TeamJac.

So when Teresa and Jacqueline were fighting, Jac called Joe Gorga which was kinda out of line and Melissa was pissed. The two girls sat down for lunch which was pretty civilized. Yep no hair was pulled and no tables were flipped. Melissa was worried that her calling Joe could start shit between the Gorga siblings and Jac was made that he would talk shit about her when she helped his family so much (proof in flashback). Melissa is friends with Jac and she is sisters-in-law with Teresa so she kinda the one in the middle.

Teresa finally got her ankle bracelet off after being released from "camp" and she is ready to live again. I don't Teresa has changed like everyone is saying but she does seem different. There is just a sad vibe I'm getting from Jersey right now and it think its because of all the prison stuff going on. Anyways Tre held a family meeting - which basically just made Joe go to sleep and Milania tell everyone to stop calling her fat. Haha, she's so funny chile. The whole fam went out for Milani's birthday which was sad because Joe won't be there for the next few birthdays. Sad.

Moving to a fun topic - Siggy. I have so much love for her chile! So she's trying to reconnect to her Jewish roots and try to bring her family together through traditional and I love her house. The decorations and furniture are too die and it makes me want to live there. Probably my favourite house in Jersey because its not like dark colours and brown like Teresa and Jacqueline's. I'm still waiting to see Siggys husband though because he wasn't at the 'family' dinner. Mmmm.

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Photo Credit: Bravo