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Bethenny Frankel: “No One Is Jealous Of Luann's Relationship With Tom”

Bethenny Frankel is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Bethenny is suspicious about Tom's past relationships with Ramona and Sonja.

Bethenny writes:

"Since I hadn't been feeling well and the Skinnygirl Candy launch was so whimsical, it was a welcome distraction and so light and fun. I rarely have friends there, but Carole has been more and more interested in business, and I wanted her to see my hustle. Running a business really takes hard work. Anyone who isn't in the trenches is just pretending.

Wow, did I enjoy the comedy in that dance scene. Ramonja does have its highlights. Those blondies were very cute. I love how they just owned it, and how Ramona is embracing her age versus trying to dance like the young kids do. They both looked great and when you're having fun it is contagious.

Yeah, so now I have to listen to a conversation about Jules' vagina, aka "pistachio." I knew she was nuts. Now I know what kind.

I really do care about Carole. She is a good friend, she is not competitive nor jealous, and I am grateful for her. I invite her to everything because she doesn't make a jackass out of herself, she can talk to anyone and she is very observant. She can also be critical, so if something was off she might notice it. As fun as getting dressed up and wearing a wig is, that is just the window dressing. I am a detail person, obsessive, a perfectionist and a lot of work goes into those events. If any of my events or trips were a sh-- show, heads would roll. That Skinnygirl Candy is delicious because it has my heart, soul, blood sweat and tears in it.

For someone who is a "know it all," I am shooting in the dark with this medical information, and if a gypsy fortune teller told me what I wanted to hear, I'd listen to them. All I can hear is surgery postponed, and I can breathe again. As it turns out, I am a bit of a scaredy cat. Going under and the risk of never seeing my daughter again was enough to send me over the edge.

Enough with Carole and Luann. I know you're all bored. Luann gives zero f---s about Carole. Carole has no interest in Luann's friendship. Asked and answered. Zzzzzz.

Wow. I can say many things but one I am certain about is that no one is jealous of Luann's relationship with Tom. At this point, we are really hoping it is real and that Luann is happy, but no one is jealous. Fact.

So three people at this table have been with Tom? I mean the Upper East Side is small, but Manhattan is huge. Something smells fishy. Why the rush? What is it with this guy swimming in one tiny fishbowl? I'm feeling my usual skeptical self.

Let's talk about Jules' vagina again. How about you pull your pants down and put everyone deeper into their misery.

I'm glad about one thing: I am not verbally assaulting anyone this week, so I'm feeling good. Next week I have not watched, but I'm not sure I can say the same thing!"

What do you think about Bethenny’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo