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Current And Former RHOC Stars Shares Their Thoughts On Season 11 Newbie Kelly Dodd!

As we've seen in the Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11 trailer, newbie Kelly Dodd is going to bring a lot of drama and fireworks to the Bravo reality series. Now, the new girl on the block has everyone talking about her, including current and former RHOC cast members. Find out what they had to say below!

Tamra Judge previously told The Daily Dish that Kelly is responsible for much of the conflict among the cast this season. "I think that shaking things up is an understatement when it comes to her. I have personally never met anybody like her," Tamra said. "People say, ‘I tell it like it is.’ This girl doesn’t care whose feelings she hurts. She’ll tell it like it is. If she thinks you’re ugly, she’ll tell you you’re ugly. There’s zero filter."

Meanwhile, the OG of the OC Vicki Gunvalson welcomed Kelly with open arms. "The best part about this season is we have a great, new cast member," she told The Daily Dish. "She's a spitfire. She does not hold back what she's thinking, which obviously, the viewers and I love. And some of the cast members get approached on some things that Kelly definitely calls them out on. So at least she had to do it and I didn't have to."

"Kelly and I are friends while we're filming, and we're also friends off-camera, so that's really where you want your relationships to build, kind of off-camera where you're not filming just to get to know each other," Vicki said. "We go out a lot, her and her husband and myself and my new boyfriend. We've done a lot of foursome dates. You know, it's just clean and real because we don't have any history, so it started off really organic and true."

RHOC Season 8 cast member Lydia McLaughlin's only encounter with Kelly has been through watching this season's supertease, and she didn't really like what she saw. "I just saw her cussing and calling someone the C-word, like everybody else on the trailer and I’m like, 'Who’s this chick, and why is she like saying that word on national television?'" Lydia told The Daily Dish at the RHOC Season 11 premiere party last Thursday. "Yikes."

However, Kelly does have a fan from another OG cast member, Jeana Keough, who said she has met the rookie before. "She’s fun, I like her," she told The Daily Dish at the Season 11 premiere party.

And Jeana has faith that Kelly will be able to stick up for herself among the returning Housewives. "I think she can hold her own," Jeana said. "She can run with the big girls."-

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo