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Ampika Pickston Slams Her RHOCheshire Co-Star Missé Beqiri: “I’m More Intelligent Than She’ll Ever Be”

This season on The Real Housewives of Cheshire, Ampika Pickston has been clashing with fellow newcomer Missé Beqiri, wife of former Manchester United goalkeeper Anders Lindegaard. The feud stems from Beqiri having an issue with Pickston's over-the-top personality and style (I'm not making this up).

Now, during a recent interview, Pickston sets the record straight about her feud with Beqiri. When asked about her issues with Beqiri, Ampika did not hold back.

"I haven’t had a beef with Missé, she’s had a beef with me," Ampika told Celebs Now. "I left school 20-odd years ago, and I left school-ground play tactics, and ganging up on people behind me."

She continued: "I don’t do stuff like that. So if people want to play childish games, I just leave them to it. They’re not worth wasting my energy and my precious time on."

At one point Missé accused the salon owner of flirting with the husband of  her ‘frenemy’ Dawn Ward. But Ampika put a stop to it and confronted Missé directly. Now, Pickston says she’s not planning on having a rematch with Beqiri anytime soon, however Ampika slams the model and throws major shade towards her way.

"I don’t need to have it out with her, I know I’m a lot more intelligent than she’ll ever be, I’m a lot quicker and sharper in terms of humor than she will ever be – so I just leave her to it. Let her get on with it."

As far as how she feels what the fans and her co-stars have said about her unique style or labeling her as a "bitch," Ampika is not losing any sleep over it.

"Sometimes you’ve gotta grow a thick skin, take everything with a pinch of salt and not take everything to heart. If I listened to every type of criticism that people said about me I’d never get out of bed the next day!"

"This series, I’ve very much come into my own realm and people have really gotten to know me, see all the parts. I don’t really have a title – I’m just Ampika."

Photo Credit: ITVBe