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Video Clip: Janet Roach Calls Lydia Schiavello A ‘Dumb Fat Bitch’ At RHOMelbourne Season 3 Reunion!

To say that The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 3 reunion special was explosive is an understatement to say the least. The 90 minute special has everything we all want in a Housewives' reunion, tears, accusations, pillow fights and NO CENSORSHIP!

During the third season reunion special, Lydia Schiavello was put in the hot seat as all the ladies confronted her for spreading rumors about them, however on Sunday night's reunion special, Janet Roach was more untamed than ever before, engaging in several blistering fights with her co-stars in particularly Schiavello and Pettifleur Berenger.

The 57-year-old property developer lost her cool not ONCE but TWICE! While in the real world she would come across as crazy, in the reality televsion world we appreciate and embrace the messiness.

The sassy property developer lost her cool at Lydia after confronting the brunette for allegedly spreading rumors that she had cheated on her previous husband.

"I have said things to other girls, but starting rumors, don't even go there," said Lydia, before adding: "I have never started a rumor."

Without skipping a beat, an incensed Janet said: "Who started the rumor about me?"

Lydia refused to answer, despite Janet's repeated demands for the 46-year-old to reveal the source of the rumor.

"Talk about the fact that you make up s**t about people!" said Janet. She continued: "You made up that bulls**t rumor about me... Did you hear it from someone else?"

As Lydia once again refused to name names, Janet finally lost control.

"I'm asking you a question ya dumb fat b***h!" Janet screamed at Lydia, leaving the other Housewives shocked.

Although the majority of the women were on Janet's side, they felt she had crossed the line.

“That was a bit unnecessary,” Chyka Keebaugh told Roach, who later added: “I don't think you need to get that personal.”

Earlier in the night, Janet labeled Lydia ‘the dumbest person I know’ for saying something incriminating on the show while she was still mic'd.

Then, Roach faced off with Pettifleur Berenger as the two engaged in a pillow fight.

The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 3 broke rating records for Arena as the season became the highest rated for the entire series since premiering three years ago. Earlier this month, Chyka Keebaugh announced that she was leaving the Foxtel reality series as she was going to focus on her family and her businesses, in especially her new lifestyle brand.

Photo/Source: The Daily Mail