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Sonja Morgan Weighs In On John Mahdessian's Fight With Bethenny Frankel: “It's Not His Place To Get All Confrontational With The Girls”

Sonja Morgan is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Sonja Morgan thinks if Dorinda Medley and Ramona Singer were really such great friends, Dorinda wouldn't be surprised by Ramona's actions. Sonja writes:

"Dorinda! So dramatic. Friends with Ramona for 20 years? Then you know her. She has never been any different. Neither of you have been to each other's homes until recently, so maybe you are now getting to know each other for real.

OMG Carole pointing out that Jules is skinny as a toothpick is too much! They are both thin as rails. The fact Jules gets her period IS a good sign, though. My doctor always asks that question. It’s like the borderline mark of OK-ness to doctors. Not that I’m thin, but I am elderly in Jules' book. Well…there is something to be said for wisdom with age and having a good sense of humor. Because, be honest, that just fell flat if it was meant to be funny. I know Jules, and she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.

Not sure where John was going with his story about Skinny Cow? Like, who did skinny first? But it's not his place to get all confrontational with the girls. Or any woman. It’s not gentlemen-like. Dorinda is obviously going through something. I feel her pain.

Hey Radz, whats wrong with Sonja-young? My guys were great. I really enjoyed my time with them. And they enjoyed me for me. I can’t help it if my friends scared them off! Not an easy group to hang with. I am now looking for someone to spend my life with though. Before, I was in a holding pattern. Getting my daughter through a patch with my divorce by providing stability and getting through my business lawsuit while building my businesses. That's all behind me now, and I feel proud.

Looking at appartments, Lu says put into the universe what you want. I agree. It works, but of course you have to stay focused and not just dream. One can not only light an abundance candle and expect good things to come, LOL. Re: apartments, I do not like high rises. I'm trying to be supportive of Lu but inside I’m cringing. And the prices! I’d rather small and cozy at the right price. I also hate those kind of balconies. The way I entertain, I would be afraid to lose a guest over the edge!

I spit up a little in my mouth when Bethenny mentions her divorce bills. I relived my own situation. It’s not worth the money spent to get nowhere but backwards. So frustrating. Gave it up a long time ago. Saved my soul, most of my fond memories and some bank by moving on with my own businesses and my daughter's peace of mind.

Oh no, I cannot believe Bethenny didn’t use her gift certificate at John’s dry cleaners. Is she nuts? Give it to me.

Dorinda is going to the beach to Bethennys party despite it all, because that is what we do! I'm so confused, though. I feel like I'm at a tennis match with my head going back and forth. I thought Dorinda said she was embarrassed and done with John? But before that she was done with Ramona. But now she's back to John and done with Ramona? This IS getting real. Because if she knows Ramona 20 years, she knows that Ramona is always off the cuff and unfiltered.

So loved the Shabbat Shalom with Bread Stix and Hawaiian Punch just before John and Dorinda pull up. Ahhhhhmazing. Tradition that keeps warmth and closeness between families is what religion is about for me. I'm looking forward to taking Jules up on her invite to join in one Friday. I was impressed with her reciting the prayer. So nice to see and hear.

Ramona talking about penis size? I thought she was the prude always shushing me? I have created a monster. Or maybe thats what divorce does? Hmmmm. Welcome to my world.

I like when Dorinda says, "Let me figure it out on my own." I agree with that. We all go through passages at our own timing. Oh my, it's over, it's done. The apology. Been there with Ramona so many times. Again, welcome to my world.

Holy sh-- the the girls just patched Dorinda up, propped her up, and now the B is ripping into Jules and Michael’s dream house?!

What a group!

See you next week. As the stomach churns.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo