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Lisa Vanderpump: “Eileen Seemed To Be Like A Dog With A Bone, Not Willing To Let It Go”

Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa Vanderpump was more than a little disappointed at some of the conversations she witnessed during this week's episode. Lisa writes:

"Hello, a pretty negative week and experience watching this episode, for sure. Very disappointing.

The strangest part of this whole experience is the false sense of security as you invest in new friendships...the friendships that start to prosper and develop (albeit riddled with hurdles as we navigate the complicated route that reality television entails), friendships you believe have some sort of longevity, only to see them shattered as you witness the vicious statements in the confessionals and the unseen footage that enlightens you now, that all was not as you thought. I had not a clue that I was the primary subject of discussion between some of the women.

As I viewed this, I was disappointed to see some keep initiating negativity regarding my character. Eileen seemed to be like a dog with a bone, not willing to let it go.

I absolutely had not embraced Erika's husband's veiled insult. I believed it to be playful. It was his first time with any of the group, and I didn't want to cause a problem, but contrary to what Erika states in the park, that I enjoy that label...I don't.

I will always confront things head on, as I preferred to do at the dinner that was organized by Yolanda, to speak to Erika face to face, gently asking why on earth she would speak of me like that to Kathryn. I think too much has been made of Kathryn making the web comment, but now I view the footage I realize that she protected me, only giving me an inkling of what had been said, gently giving me the heads up that all was not as I believed. Of course I would've learned about this later, but as a friend she was enlightening me now but minimizing the backstabbing statements, not like Erika who totally exaggerated something as she repeated it to Yolanda regarding me and the children.

It was an innocuous question to Erika: How long had she known Yolanda? How sinister is that? When Kathryn was introduced, it was understood immediately the length of time she had known Rinna. I understand that to be a basic question when meeting somebody for the first time through a mutual friend.

I went straight to Erika, to her face (hardly a sniper's tactic). I also went directly to Yolanda, reassuring her there was no negativity regarding her children, and I asked Eileen, "Are we good?" I was not huddling in a group at the end of the table or meeting later in the park to speak detrimentally about them.

Where is the manipulation? I viewed Rinna speaking in my defense. Eileen obviously wasn't happy with her response, so we will see what transpires in relation to that.

I didn't go after Rinna when I believed she had told Yolanda, as Yolanda led me to believe, I didn't go after Erika when we learned it was her, I didn't berate ED when she just left without a word in the Hamptons. Oh they were all easy targets.

My tendency is to take people at face value, to believe what they show you until proven otherwise.

Anyway, at least we witnessed the installation of the pretty horsey house that belongs in Villa Rosa. Diamonds and Rosè love it!

Life isn't about looking for problems, it's about honest conversations and, I hope, mostly coupled with humor.

This is the start of an emotionally draining experience that has resonated for sure.

Have a good week, all of you. Thank you for watching ...As always Love Lisa."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo