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Is Kim Richards Returning To RHOBH Full Time Next Season?

As we previously reported, Kim Richards will be appearing in the upcoming Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 reunion special, which was taped last Thursday. An insider claim that Richards was greeted with open arms and apparently she plans to make her return full-time next season.

Looking sober and healthy, “Kim made a triumphant return to film the reunion and everyone was very happy to see her,” a source tells Radar Online. “Her sister Kyle was very emotional and so happy to see Kim received with such an outpouring of love. Kim said she was sober and had been going to AA meetings.”

“It was clear that Kim was using this as the opportunity to make the case for her return next season. She kept saying how good it was to be back and how much she missed everyone,” the source said.

The occasion wasn’t drama free for Richards, though, as she “lit into Lisa Rinna about comments she had made in the past…and took exception to statements made that Lisa was scared of Kim. It was clear that Kim was hoping to get a reaction from Lisa,” the source claimed.

“But Lisa took the high road and refused to let Kim get the reaction she was clearly hoping for. Lisa apologized to Kim for any pain she caused her, which was the last thing she was expecting,” the insider added.

The source added, “Kim just wants to be offered a formal contract to come back because she needs a paycheck. There are bills to pay!”

Photo Credit: Bravo