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Chyka Keebaugh Weighs In On Lydia Schiavello And Susie McLean's Confrontation!

Chyka Keebaugh is taking to her personal blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Chyka Keebaugh weighs in on Lydia Schiavello and Susie McLean's confrontation, Jackie and her mom's conversation and the rest of the ladies meetings. Chyka writes:

"After last week’s dramatic ending, I’m sure everyone was ready to see the fallout from the fight at Susie’s Bake day and how the girls all felt about each other. We start tonight’s episode at Jackie’s house with her gorgeous mum. We learn about Jackies upbringing and how much love and respect she has for her family. Jackie is feeling under pressure to have a baby and her mum has come to ask the hard question. I love the honesty of this conversation because I believe so many people worry about how their lives will change if they have a baby. It’s a tough decision to make and as I have said to Jackie there never is a ‘right time’ – somehow it just works! I love seeing this vulnerable side to Jacks and I know when the time is right, she and Ben will be great parents.

Words fail me with Lydia and Joanna! I can’t believe she has her passport! Hello – what?? Poor Joanna – I think she gets very nervous with Lydia in the car….. I think I’ll leave that there for now….

Gina and Pettifleur catch up and who would have seen that friendship coming? PF shares her grievances about Lydia and I think Gina shares some tough love. Her line raise your argument not your voice is fantastic! I love that one liner! More with Pettifleur, and we see her and her eldest son Nathan who has moved out of home chatting about the last few months and how hard it has been for Pettifleur to adjust to him not being in the family home. I haven’t reached that stage yet but know it is only going to be around the corner. It’s tough to watch your children grow up into young adults and not be needed like you used to be. I’m sure it was hard for PF to hear Nathan say no he won’t come home and I loved and respected how he treated his mum. He is a great guy who I know Pettifleur is very proud.

Gamble and Susie drive together to Chadstone to meet up with Lydia and I. We haven’t all seen each other since bake day and are off to choose a wedding gift from all the girls at Pottery Barn. I was genuinely hoping we could have a drama-free day and make it special for Gamble, but of course, that wasn’t to be. I have a real opinion about Lydia telling Gamble what Pettifleur said to her in confidence. I would have thought that a close friend would keep a conversation like that to herself; I don’t think it’s disrespectful not to tell Gamble but perhaps Lydia could have organised a catch up with the two girls and herself to talk through their issues. The approach she took did not work at all and had only made PF feel that she can no longer trust Lydia.

Lydia arrives at a seriously awkward time, just after Susie has told a Gamble why she thinks Lydia is wanting to be her friend! Susie and I decide to jump into bed together for a chat and we can see the other two talking and I knew Gamble was repeating the conversation! Honestly girls – why are you all repeating what each other says! This is only going to cause more drama. It’s very obvious from here on in that anything that is said will be repeated.

Lydia decided to confront Susie about what her problem is and Susie lets her know it all! I find this whole conversation uncomfortable and it’s hard to understand what’s happening as the two girls have a long history and bringing up things from the past, I felt like I was watching a tennis match and think my expressions conveyed that too. This relationship has a long way to go in either fixing the problem or getting worse!

Jackie, Janet and I are off to meet Susie and PF for horse riding. Those two are dressed like they are off to ride in an equestrian and we look like we are off to ride our Buffaloes (thanks, Pettifleur ) Jackies riding is gold and all I can say is I was not wearing the right bra that day but we had so much fun.

Time to drink and eat and oh yes – let’s talk more about Lydia! I was shocked that Lydia and PF haven’t spoken yet since bake day. If Lydia were serious about her friendship with Pettifleur, maybe she should have made that a priority? I also really didn’t like that Lydia said that Susie was jealous of her life, how incredibly rude and obviously untrue. As a good friend of Susie – she is certainly not that type of girl. It makes me wonder who even thinks about other people like that?

I think you can see that the story is heating up and that drama is never far away. I’m feeling exhausted after all of that head turning and pulling all those shocked faces. Until next week!! Chyka xx"

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The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 3 airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Arena

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