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Sheree Whitfield: “Tammy Doesn’t Know Me, So Her Opinions Regarding Me Aren't A Concern Of Mine”

In a recent interview with Bravo, Sheree Whitfield talks about this week's explosive episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Sheree Whitfield opens up about her issues with Tammy. Check it out below! What was going through your mind when you heard what Tammy was saying about you?
Sheree Whitfield: To be honest, Tammy doesn’t know me, so her opinions regarding me (to which she's entitled) aren't a concern of mine. They don’t matter... I'm sorry, and who were we talking about again? Were you surprised when she denied hooking up with Bob?
SW: I was not surprised at all that Tammy denied hooking up with Bob. Not many women have the guts or the heart to look the other woman in the eye and admit something like that. A hit dog doesn't always holler, I guess! What did you think of Kim calling out instigation vs. information?
SW: In this group, information does come back and sometimes not in the original context or origin. I appreciate Kenya coming back and telling me how Tammy felt about me. There’s nothing worse than being around someone who smiles in your face, frequents your house gatherings, eats your food and plays with your kids, but really dislikes you or has another agenda… Oops my bad, was having a flashback from when I was married, LOL! Anyway, as Kandi said, there was no way to bring that negative information back in a positive way. Lipstick on a pig is still a pig.

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