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Gretchen Rossi Reveals Her New Business And Addresses RHOC Return Rumors!

This past season of The Real Housewives or Orange County was so dark and nasty that it needs some light or a familiar face to come back to the group. According to Gretchen Rossi, there's a possibility that she will return to Bravo’s hit TV show next season.

“Let the money talk. Make it worth my while, Bravo,” Rossi told Radar Online.

Since leaving the show, the blonde bombshell has made quite a name for herself in the entrepreneurial world.

Besides her beauty brand, Rossi has launched a new business, she recently launched a mobile app called Zip, that is reportedly worth almost $200 million dollars.

“ZIP, the question and answer app, was born out of the need to settle a dispute,” said the former reality star.

“I was at a business dinner with my partner Ric Militi and some others and we were arguing about Real Housewives. As we were in this argument, we kind of looked at each other and were like, ‘Man I wish there was a group of people who we could ask,'” Rossi told Radar. “We kind of realized that this was missing niche in the market.”

“Just within the first 10 weeks, we had over 600,000 questions answered. There are 20,000 questions a day now being answered on ZIP and it is well on its way to becoming a billion dollar corporation.”

Will Gretchen have time to be on RHOC?

“My focus has always been on my businesses,” she said. “People see me as a housewife and as a fashion and beauty specialist. With my app, my fans will get to see a different side of me then they had known before.”

“Housewives comes and goes,” she added. “It would be hard right now to fit another thing into my schedule. But, like I said, show me the money and anything is possible.”

Would you like to see Gretchen back on RHOC?

Photo Credit: Bravo