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Sonja Morgan: “Ramona Needs To Let The Men Come To Her For A Change”

Sonja Morgan is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Sonja talks about Bethenny's party and thinks Ramona should heal a little more before looking for a new partner. Sonja writes:

"It is very brave of Carole and Dorinda to face their pasts head on. That is something that takes courage. Dorinda and Carole can lean on each other to make this hurdle easier to jump for both of them. Their trip to London is a wonderful example of girlfriends helping each other through a difficult experience. That’s what friends are for! If supporting a friend just so happens to take you to London, all the better! I have never been a widow, but I understand the pain involved with losing a husband and best friend. Divorce can hit you like a death, especially a complicated one like mine. The key to moving on is to face your demons and then onwards and upwards as my insignia ring on my pinky says. I wear it every day to remind me. I know the girls in this group like to say that I am stuck in the past, but I am living very much in the present. I have always prided myself on my ability to live in the moment. I think the girls are stuck on my past--and only the one after my ex. What about the past before my ex? They act as if I wasn’t on the planet before my ex.

I am happy to help Ramona delve into her new identity as a single woman. I have been single for some time now, so this is more my expertise than Ramona’s. She is very green and will need a lot of coaching, but she will be just fine!

I don’t know that I’m completely buying Ramona’s story that she was just a wing woman for Luann. She can’t put all of her crazy behavior on other people. Eventually she just has to own it. I went straight to bed when we returned to the villa, but I saw her very happily ensconsed on the banquet outside with the other man. They were bookends and definitely acting separately and focused on their respective guys! Kudos to Luann for tripping on down to the beach. A woman after my heart and soul.

What better way to be invited to a party than to have gorgeous men deliver flowers to your house! If this is any indication of the kind of men who will be at Bethenny’s Boy Meets Skinnygirl party, we are in for a treat!

I love that Carole’s friends from London all seemed to be charming, attractive young men. Carole, are you sure Adam is your first younger man? The cocktail party seemed nice, and I am glad Carole and Dorinda had a fun time in London. How could you not have fun in London? It’s an amazing city. Remember our last trip there? Dorinda and Carole were both extremely vulnerable and that’s not a side I usually get to see of them. Expressing your feelings is so important in a friendship, and any highly emotional experience two women share with each other is going to bring them closer together.

Ramona missed out by leaving the Boy meets SkinnyGirl party! She’s the one who’s single. Why wasn’t she ready to mingle? Luann and I found plenty of gorgeous men there, so I don’t know where Ramona was looking. You cannot take every moment so seriously. You know what Mother says...when you least expect it...

But we did see her looking around during Bethenny’s toast. Maybe Ramona needs to let the men come to her for a change. I cringe when I hear Ramona listing all of the qualifications she has to have in a future partner. It’s good to have qualities in mind that you appreciate and to know yourself, but sometimes love comes in surprising packages. Love only comes when you are open to receiving it, and Ramona may be too freshly wounded to find a partner right now.

No one can say that I’m not a good time. I even lost a tooth during this party having a great time and being in the moment. Let the women say what they will, but I will always be the straw that stirs the drink. This party is another example of me drinking responsibly. I was not drunk when I ripped the guys cufflink off. I was just having a good time, being crazy, and being Sonja! The women just don’t understand who I am and that I am a fun person--not someone with a problem. Overall the Boy Meets Skinnygirl party was great, and I’m saying that with my Sonja in the City event producer hat on! Hang in there to see my next Sonja in the City event next episode. Sonja Morgan New York Fashion and Jewelry Show at Fashion Week. You will finally see what I have been working on and toward for three years. I'm finally seeing the tree through the woods and proud of it. Happy to put my name on my design and my vision! Thank you #TeamSonja and to all the viewers who have stood by me through thick and thin."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo