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Kim Richards' Family Is Reportedly Considering Putting Her In 5150 Psychiatric Hold!

After being arrested for not paying for more than $600 worth of items from Target, the family of former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards is reportedly considering drastic measures to help her.

According to a new report, Kim's inner circle is considering putting her under involuntary psychiatric hold in the aftermath of her night spent in jail, reports Radar Online.

"The family believes that Kim has three options," the source revealed. "1. She goes back to rehab. 2. She's put on a 5150 hold. 3. She could end up hospitalized from alcohol poisoning or pill overdose."

"The entire situation is very sad," the source told Radar. "But if she goes back to rehab, that's just preemptive to keep her out of jail. And the problem with a 5150 hold is that the family doesn't even know if a hospital would agree or how to get her somewhere that would force it upon her. It would be hard. And no one really wants to be the one responsible for managing her life."

The source said Richards is on a serious downward spiral. "What makes Kim even more pathetic is how she's ended up," the source said. "She started out as a successful child actress, had a second marriage to the son of a billionaire and has two kids with him. Yet she gets little in the divorce and ends up penniless."

There are years of resentment built up for Kim and her sisters, the source explained. "She sells her part of the house their mom left them to Kyle because she's broke," the source explained, "then she resents Kyle for it. It is too much for the family to take."

However the source said there is no excuse for her dire situation. "Her daughters all married men who are now Multi-millionaires; her nieces are MEGA rich - and she's stealing from Target?? Then blames everyone else? Her family doesn't know what to do anymore," added the source. "It's incredible."

"When Monty [Brinson] dies, forget it. There are fears she's going to breakdown something awful," said the source.

"Kim is clearly in crisis," psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig told ET. "She's probably trying to self-medicate a depression."

"The way a 5150 would benefit Kim is that it allows her to get the treatment she needs and it also stops her from signing herself out of the hospital," Dr. Ludwig explained.

The 5150 hold helped stars like Britney Spears, Mischa Barton and Amanda Bynes, but the move requires the cooperation of legal and health care professionals.

"Once the family commits someone involuntarily, they are saying, 'My family member is in the hands of the medical staff or a mental health attorney,'" Dr. Ludwig said.

"It usually is a motivator to get some form of treatment that they need to get stabilized and get healthier," Dr. Ludwig said.

My heart breaks for Kim's well being, I hope she seeks the help she needs and makes a positive turn around.

Photo Credit: Bravo