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Kim Richards Reportedly Moving In With Sister Kathy Hilton After Rehab!

Kim Richards is currently in a new treatment facility after relapsing at her daughter's Mexican wedding. As we reported, Richards has been fired from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and according to a new report, Richards will be moving in with her sister Kathy Hilton after rehab.

A source is claiming that she is "basically homeless now. She was moving somewhere cheaper right before she entered rehab. All of her stuff is in storage," the source tells Radar Online.

"Kim has blown through all of her 'RHOBH' money. She never got any endorsements like the other ladies, or a wine line. She just couldn't turn it into a lucrative deal," the source said.

While Richards was taking care of her ex-husband Monty Brinson before her rehab stint, the source revealed that she has moved in with Kathy and Rick Hilton. "Kim doesn't have any place to live right now."

"Kim will probably move in with Kathy and Rick when she gets out of rehab," the source told Radar.

Kim does not have a spouse or even investments to support herself, the source explained.

"Kim's family has been worried about her," the source said. "Things have gone from bad to worse for her. The show was supposed to be her saving grace but now she has almost nothing."

Richards' second rehab stint was a bold move for her, the insider shared. "Kim knew she had nowhere to go. She had to get help or be out on the streets."

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Photo Credit: Bravo