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Is Deanne Jolly Joining The Real Housewives Of Melbourne For Season 3?

Earlier this week, rumors circulated the web that Deanne Jolly from Australia's renovation hit show, The Block was joining the new season of the Foxtel hit reality series. While appearing on the Kyle and Jackie O Show, Darren Jolly admitted that despite rumors, she's not set to appear on the Real Housewives of Melbourne.

“I haven't been approached about it, so no, I would say that there's no chance at this point,” Dea told the Sydney-based radio duo on the phone from Melbourne.

When asked what she'd say if producers of the Foxtel series were to ask her to be on the show, the feisty blonde seemed uncharacteristically lost for words, reports the Daily Mail.

“I'd probably have to say “no” I think,” said Jolly. “It's not something I'd even considered, I'd have to think about it,” she explained.

“I think I'd probably like to stay in the world of interiors rather than stay in that sort of reality TV - I do love the show though,” Dea told them.

While Dea told the breakfast radio duo she hasn't considered appearing on the reality show, rumors of the move first began when the straight-talking renovator told TV Week she'd be good for the show.

“I'm pretty sure I'd be TV gold for them, because I'm certainly forthright and polarizing,” Dea was quoted.

“I love Chyka! I love all the Housewives shows actually, much to Darren's disgust!” she added.

The rumor mill continued in New Idea magazine this week with reports that the 43-year-old wife of former AFL star's newly slimmed down physique could be in preparation for the Foxtel reality series.

Having lost 10 kilograms (22 pounds) recently, the Block reality star admitted that it was an unflattering paparazzi shot of herself at the beach last year that was her weight loss motivation.

Photo Credit: Channel 9, Australia