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Jackie Gillies: “Gina Justifies Her Actions Of Meddling With Being Courageous”

Jackie Gillies is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Jackie Gillies dishes on her web series 'The New Look of La Máscara' and reveals why she was disappointed in Gina Liano and Gamble Breaux. Jackie writes:

"First off, don't you just love my golf swing from last week’s episode?! My golfing career won't be kicking off anytime soon.

It's really cute that "awesome" Pettifleur (PF) is taking her "serious spunk" of a son, Nathan, shopping for some suave new threads. It's a lovely gesture, but PF sure does like to take charge, doesn't she? I adore Nathan's love and respect for his mother, and it’s delightful that PF wants to treat her son.

I applaud and I am inspired by PF conquering all of her challenges in life, particularly when she migrated from Sri Lanka and becoming a success story here in Australia, and all of the hard work it's taken to get to where she is today, but I don't entirely understand the lesson she is trying to teach her son by buying him a suit for $8,000 dollars?

PF would have to be the most demanding customer in any retail scenario I've ever come across. She knows what she wants and she's going to get it! Including the tie off the shop assistants neck!

Fashion Aid is such an uplifting charity night! I have had the privilege of attending this wonderful event on several occasions and it is good to see Gina and her biggest fan (Gina's words), Gamble, lending their support.

Starry eyed Gamble certainly seems overwhelmed by the whole thing, so much so that she's considering turning for Gina. A little bit weird and cute at the same time, just like Cash (Gamble’s puppy dog). I wonder how Wolfe pup would feel about all of this?

Congratulations to Fashion Aid and #LoveMeLoveYou for a successful evening!

Before the night is over, there is still time to keep talking about the rumours. Yippee!

I'm getting so sick of hearing about them. BORING! I thought it was over and that everybody had moved on. Obviously not!

No mediation was ever required at any point. These are intelligent grown women that are very capable of dealing with their own differences. If Gina really did want to help mediate a resolution and had Gamble’s best interests at heart, she should have included Gamble and Chyka when she met with Janet.

Gina justifies her actions of meddling with being courageous. I wonder how much courage it took Gina to pass on the rumour she had heard of Lydia's marriage breaking down, that she claimed she heard from two independent sources? Just a bit of gossip, I guess... or was that fact?

Now, let's have some light hearted, drama free FUN! Its speed dating time, and its cougar night, baby! Perfect for my girl, Janet. Janet was so nervous, god love her, that she asked me to come along for some moral support, as she had never been speed dating before.

As I watched Janet interact with these gentlemen, the psychic vibes started kicking in... one guy just wanted a shag, one wanted money, another just wanted a mummy, another one was gay (I even asked him and he said yes), and a few were just trying for the first time, but as long as Janet was enjoying herself, that's all I cared about.

Janet can keep whipping that horse until she finds the right guy for her. Dog loving Kumlin was such a sweetie. I could definitely see Janet going on a second date with him.

Off to lunch with PF and Chyka to catch up on the latest. PF had skipped off to a European health retreat and I wanted to hear all about it, but it wasn't long before the rumours about Gamble bubbled to the surface again. Who knows how they found their way to PF ears, I don’t what to know. Thankfully we brushed over the subject! Yippee!

Over to the Barbie names, which were supposed to be a little bit of fun, are quickly getting catty. Gamble has only known this group of girls for a short time, but has been quick to judge on the basis of assets and associates.

Now to La Máscara! Finding The New Look of La Máscara continues! This is my way off giving back. Giving someone the chance to follow their dreams and the opportunity to shine. We received thousands of entries and now it's time to cull them all down to our finalists.

I've been really nervous about this process as I want ALL of the beautiful girls and guys to win! It's important to me that I have a soul connection with the winner, as they will eventually be the face of my brand. The face on ALL of the La Máscara packaging. Not only for the cocktails, but our newest product, High Tea, and many more to come!

My psychic vibes were kicking in and were making the selection process much easier.

I love working with my husband, but we're certainly not on the same page when it comes to the guys being in the competition. It cracks me up watching how we banter! OMG!

There's plenty more of The New Look as we created our own web series that you can check out here

Next up, as we all know, I love to eat, so the thought of a chef's table by the Big Group is an exciting proposition! This is the first time in a while that all of the girls have been together in one room. I just hope that everyone can get along. Do I need to pray for a miracle?

Having my husband there and the other partners is a nice change in dynamic. It was interesting to see that Gina brought along staff, Boadie. He openly bragged to Chyka, Janet and I that he runs Gina's fan pages, that he is Gina’s P.A. and that he's on her pay roll. He's probably fishing for intel. Moving along...

Lydia pounces on the first chance of a sexual innuendo about food melting in her mouth. You crack me up, girl! Upstairs revealed a beautiful oasis that only gurus of the catering world could create. One word, breathtaking!

Straight into wedding celebrations with Bruce & Chyka's upcoming 22nd anniversary, then Lydia's recent son’s wedding in Florence. Just a little bit jealous. It was a lovely heartfelt moment when Lydia opened up to the entire group about her journey of motherhood - It wasn't so lovely when Gina and Gamble started to smirk and laugh at each.

Gamble was not eye balling her partner in a private moment; the smirks were between Gina and Gamble. Calling it a "private moment" was an attempt to throw off after I caught them both out. I was right next to them. I was disappointed. Thankfully and finally they both zipped it and listened with the respect that Lydia deserved. I’m positive they would expect the same. Thank you Lydia, it takes a lot to open up like that.

Back to the Barbie names. The names that Gamble has given are underhanded. What does it matter where you're from, how much money you have, or where it's come from? Who gives a shit! These ladies obviously do. PF and Gamble’s relationship feels competitive. Blah Blah Blah. Next please...

Random waiter opera singers, always welcomed. Love the momentary lift in positive energy. Good move Bruce and Cheeks.

Yippee! The rumours are back. Gamble is obsessed. I’m really enjoying getting to know Gamble, but I don’t understand why she keeps going on about these rumours. She needs to let them go. Too many people around, so legal counsel is nowhere to be seen. Wolfe Pup & Bruce are the voices of reason. Well done, gentlemen.

Coffee catch up. Janet flirting and hitting on Rick, what stupidity! Rick’s a smart man, even he knew it was BS. Why would someone make up such silliness? Could someone else be stirring the pot.... or starting rumours?

Lastly, is there a better way to wrap up a Housewives ep than a horny Pomeranian and some much needed clarity and perspective from the one and only, Chyka? No! As for next week, I get the feeling Janet isn't the one that keeps perpetuating the Yippee! moments.

Time will tell..."

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The Real Housewives of Melbourne airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Arena and Thursday nights at 9pm/8c on Bravo!

Photo Credit: Arena