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Chyka Keebaugh Weighs In On Gamble Breaux and Janet Roach's Dramatic Confrontation!

Chyka Keebaugh is taking to her personal blog to dish on Episode 3 of of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Chyka Keebaugh weighs in on Gamble Breaux and Janet Roach's dramatic confrontation. Chyka writes:

"After last week’s dramatic ending I am feeling quite nervous about this episode. My intentions last week were never to start a fight to upset anybody, and I feel as though it was all just a calamity of conversations that were misconstrued. Episode 3 starts with Lydia and I having a catch up at The Smith.

Lydia has been at her son’s wedding in Florence and is still on a high from such a magical and important day in a mother’s life. As a result of her trip, Lydia had been away from the girls and the drama that is starting to unfold over Janet’s and my lunch with Gamble. I really did not want to repeat this story as believe it or not I do not like repeating stories when they have been put to bed but sometimes you have no choice. I fill Lydia in on what happened at lunch and Gamble’s reaction. I would like to point out that for the next couple of episodes you will hear me constantly say I started the conversation – because I did, but did I intend for it to head into nasty territory? No. Certainly not. Janet and I had never spoken to each other before that lunch in regards to anything we had ever heard about Gamble. We had not been gossiping or ganging up on her at all. What I had heard was about Gamble being a stripper – and yes who cares if she was! But I did not know or had I ever heard anything about sex parties or Gamble being a prostitute! A lot of people commented during the week that I had disappointed them with my behaviour and hand on my heart, it was never my intention to hurt Gamble or upset her in anyway. Ack! Anyway back to this weeks episode – I filled Lydia in who was shocked to hear all that had happened.

I loved the next scene with Ben and Jackie filming the ad for there new campaign for La Mascara – I loved how light hearted and happy they were and the fact that Ben is trying to teach Jackie how to pronounce their brand properly. They are such a fantastic and hilarious couple. Janet arrives and fills Jackie in on everything and again says I started it……. yada yada yada!!

The scene with Rick and Gamble was great and as I have said before they are a great couple as I believe Rick really balances Gamble and visa versa. He is a kind man and reassures Gamble that all will be ok. Tonight we also see Pettifleur talking about her book with her friend who I think she was going to do it with but decides not to! I love how each episode seems to have a story about lashes and brows – Clearly so important to us all!

The fashion parade at Chadstone is a big scene and now has the infamous scene of Gamble waving her arm in the air and saying that ” All of Melbourne have been talking about her”! Gee I’m glad I wasn’t there that night! We actually did the event and our name is there on the photo wall but we had to go to another event that night so I didn’t get to see the ladies! Gamble is furious and definitely letting Janet know how she feels about what was said. I really do believe the main problem was that Janet said that ‘all different groups of her friends’ were talking about her and let’s be honest – that would hurt! No one wants to think they are other people’s gossip and being spoken about negatively. Gina and Jackie look on in confusion as to what’s happening and Janet finally has enough and leaves! I’m not sure why Gina keeps bringing up that she thought Janet was flirting with Rick? She really wasn’t! And I don’t understand why Gina didn’t ask Janet about the information Gamble gave her about everyone at Janet’s party being negative? Didn’t happen! That was exhausting to watch!

Finally to a lighter scene with less drama where Lydia is taught to play poker by Shane Warne and the Hasham brothers. This was very entertaining to watch and you will know why in a few episodes!

My gorgeous girl Chessie is introduced for the first time and it was such a funny day when we shot this, we had the best time. It was meant to be her and I going through my wardrobe with the help of our gorgeous housekeeper Claudia. Chessie put her 10 cents worth in and honestly told me what she thought of all my clothes! Unfortunately for me as I’m a neat freak I had to continue tidying up after the crew left and it took me two days and 8 garbage bags of clothes for the Salvation Army – it’s going to be a long time before I ask Chessie to help again.

The last scene of this episode is Janet and Manuella having lunch at The Conservatory – ouch! they were brutal and yes, Janet again states I started the conversation! You will notice that it is now two of Janet’s friend who have said they have heard the gossip and none of mine as I didn’t know…. Just wanted to get that point in one last time!! Oh the drama!!"

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