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Sneak Peek: Aviva Drescher's Husband Throws Prosthetic Leg At Her On 'Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars!'

Everybody remembers when Aviva Drescher threw her her prosthetic leg on The Real Housewives of New York City. Now that Aviva and her husband are trying to save their marriage on 'Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars,' the tables are turn on her, when a leg gets tossed at her.

Reid and Aviva are doing a role playing exercise where they have to play each other during an argument.

"Aviva, you didn't need to throw your leg on national television," Aviva says as Reid.

Then Reid removes a fake leg and tosses it down, saying "I'm sick of this s---, OK?"

Cue all the other reality star participants shocked faces. Yes, even Heidi and Spencer Pratt are shocked at the behavior.

All this goes down in the Shocktagon, a thing that shocks the participants because don't you want to see reality stars get a jolt or too?

"You didn't need to, like, make fun of me for doing a job…it was low. It wasn't funny," Aviva tells him after they exit the Shocktagon.

Watch the sneak peek preview below!

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WE TV!

Photo/Video Credit: WE TV
Source: E! News