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Eileen Davidson Questions If There’s Any Line Brandi Glanville Won’t Cross

Eileen Davidson is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Eileen breaks down the episode and expains why she spent some time in a space unitard. Eileen writes:

"Hello, once again. I'm going to break this week's blog into groups…

The Funny Stuff: The Burbank Film Festival! It is really such a great thing. It gives smaller, independent films a chance to be seen and to be celebrated. I was so happy to do a favor for my friend, Craig Campobasso, who wrote and directed the short film, "Stranger at the Pentagon." I would do it again in a heartbeat. But, jeez, talk about no good deed going unpunished! Thanks, Kyle, Lisa R. and Lisa V. I can take little snarky comments, just DON'T MAKE ME GIVE BACK MY EMMY! And by the way, Craig's film won first place in the short science fiction category! (I won cheesiest performance--just kidding, they didn’t have that category.)

The Deep Stuff:  Lisa V. and Pandora discussing Max wanting to find out his heritage was so moving. When Pandora said, "He's ours," I almost cried. Of course Max must do whatever he needs to satisfy his curiosity. He has every right to learn about his roots. Lisa V. clearly supports her son, and yet it must be so frightening to think of your family dynamic possibly changing somehow. I love Max! He has such sweetness about him. It was endearing how nervous he was to share his ancestral news with his mum.

The Troubling Stuff: Kim and Kyle's relationship continues to deteriorate. I felt like it was worth a shot, taking them out to lunch and maybe helping them mend their relationship. I lost my sister such a short while ago, and now that she's gone, whatever differences we had have disappeared. All that is left is the love you feel and the sadness that you get realizing that you don't have any more time. Life is so short. I thought maybe I could give them perspective. Clearly, it's up to them to fix their relationship. I realize now this job is way too big for me. I was honestly just trying to help. Watching them go at it again made me feel so frustrated and at a loss. Where's Oprah when you need her?

The Disturbing Stuff: Brandi bringing up Yolanda's daughter as a means of deflection. Just when I thought she couldn't go any lower, she does just that. Yolanda has done nothing but try to be there for Brandi. When Yolanda brings up Brandi possibly having alcohol issues, Brandi doesn't even hesitate to throw Yolanda's child under the bus. Is there any line she won't cross? And just for the record, there have never been any rumors about alcoholism in regard to Yolanda's daughter. I live in Malibu. One of my kids went to school with the Hadid girls. Never even a whisper. Then Lisa R. and Brandi have lunch. Once again the conversation starts out being about Brandi's possible issues. Brandi again deflects by mentioning that Kim DOES have a problem, and she should have an intervention. Lisa R. says, in regard to Kim, "Something is going to happen… something already has happened!" and Brandi says "More than you even know."...What exactly does that mean? Will Kim be joining all the others who have been thrown under the Brandi Bus? Or has she already?"

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c only on Bravo

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo