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Lisa Vanderpump On Brandi Glanville Extending The Olive Branch: It Was A Classless Example Of Somebody Trying To Garner Attention

Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa Vanderpump explains why she didn't invite the ladies to the PUMP opening and why Yolanda's comments hurt her. Lisa writes:

"Well we are fast approaching the New Year. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was no holiday. It was spent cooking and entertaining, decorating up a storm, and I couldn't be happier.

So as you know, when I was invited to "The housewarming party," my gut reaction was to avoid it like the plague. I had commented to Brandi at Kyle's house I wasn't even interested in warming her slippers at this point.

When I first met Brandi and she was desperate to join the group of women, nobody but me embraced her. She was worried about her financial situation, now regardless of what has transpired between us, I am happy for her to have better opportunities for her and her boys.

I decided to go to the party as I knew--and from seeing this footage of the group--that if I didn't, I would be the topic of conversation, so arriving with a bottle of champagne stops it in its tracks. Now the conversation with Brandi's parents I thought was sweet--the way they were obviously aware that our relationship was no longer a positive one. Her mother, who I had invited to join us at dinner previously, a sweet woman, gently tried to explain how Brandi works, hurting feelings and then apologizing. It's just unfortunate at this time. I am not interested. The friendship was not deep enough to weather that kind of storm. In regard to Brandi's generous offer at my clothing event as she abused my beautiful olive tree, was supposed to shock, but no it was harmless. Words are just that. It didn't offend me, but as usual, it was a classless example of somebody trying to garner attention.

I would say contrary to the little bitchy comments about holding a grudge, I would like to explain my sentiments. I believe if someone truly hurts you, unintentionally of course, you can forgive them, but if somebody calculatedly tries everything In their power to destroy your reputation, I would say forgiveness is not an option. One would be foolish to embrace them into your life again. It is not a grudge, it is knowledge, as long as you don't hold onto the anger, which would breed bitterness, and that has no place in your life. That is why I can interact, even playfully tease. There is nothing at stake anymore. Hindsight is 20/20, but foresight is better. Forewarned is forearmed.

Deciding to invite everybody to the clothing drive was a positive move. We had so many beautiful dresses, gorgeous donations to send to the foster home. I know the girls loved them, and I thank all of the women for doing that. It's simple, but it's greatly appreciated.

Yolanda mentions yet again that I failed to invite her to another important event in my life, the opening of PUMP, and that if we were friends, I would've done so. Correct. At that time, to invite all those women could not have been furthest from my mind. Also the whole Vanderpump Rules group would be there, which, as you know, Scheana was part of, bearing in mind that she was working for me for years before I was friends with Brandi, before anyone was aware that there was a connection. So knowing that, even if I was closer to any of them, I would not put myself in that position again. I would never question why I was not invited somewhere. I wouldn't want to go to a party that I wasn't invited to.

Some people dwell on the negative, especially when they are looking for something. I would be happier if after what has gone down between us all, some would just say, "Well I am glad we are here now, and yes, I can see how hard you must have worked to open this place. I now understand why last year maybe you couldn't make some events..." Now that would be a move in the right direction.

Yes, love is a big word, and that hurt to see that. I don't use it flippantly. I love Mohammed and Yolanda's children. Of that, I am sure. Many,many weekends and lunches with them and Mohamed have created that bond. I have always been hopeful that Yolanda would be included in that equation.

I hadn't seen any of these women, and I am sure since Puerto Rico and the final party, there had been many events. I had not heard from them, and I was fine about that. When I see once again the attempt to suggest that Scheana Marie--a waitress, friend of Pandora's, and a member of Vanderpump Rules--is my best friend is ludicrous, but I understand where they are going with it...Not patronizing anybody, but I move in different social circles and don't need to be best friends with somebody 30 years younger than me. She is one of my employees for six years, who is close with my daughter, but knowing her, she is a lovely young woman who made a mistake, but categorically not my best friend.

I appreciated the fact that Lisa and Eileen were kind enough not to be dragged into the negativity. I have enjoyed getting to know Eileen for sure. I do feel there is a divide between women who are fulfilled and happy in their lives, stimulated by their careers or the demands of motherhood and are not searching for something negative. That is a woman I bond with for sure.

Anyway, until next week, I send you love and positivity as we ring in the New Year. A silent prayer for all the families grieving the loss and uncertainty of their loved ones on that missing flight. Life is so unpredictable. We always must try to remember what is important.

As always, love, Lisa"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo