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Porsha Williams’ Sugar Daddy Cuts Her Off?

According to a new report, Porsha Williams’ Sugar Daddy, who is said to be a Nigerian oil billionaire, has dumped her. Sources close to Porsha tell TMZ that the Real Housewives of Atlanta star has been getting ridiculously expensive gifts like the Rolls (pictured above).

But sources are reporting that billionaire, who's married got fed up with Williams posting pics of the swag on social media which is why he cut her off.

TMZ sources say Porsha's selling the luxurious vehicle because she needs a quick cash injection. It's not that she's broke -- she's still pulling in 6-figures from "RHOA" -- but since the BF cash flow has dried up ... she's suddenly gotta pay for more stuff ... like meals.

Porsha's take on losing the Rolls? She told TMZ, "I'm trading up with the new year coming up." Unclear if she's referring to cars, men ... or both.

What are your thoughts?

Photo Credit: Instagram