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Chyka Keebaugh Dishes On The Real Housewives Of Melbourne Season 2: 'It's Going To Be Better Than Last Year!'

Chyka Keebaugh is very busy at the moment, not only is she busy being a mother, wife and business mogul, but she's busy filming the second season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. With only seven weeks into filming the new season, Chyka Keebaugh has a good feeling about what's to come.

The reality star and business guru tells The Daily Mail Australia that the addition of two new "Housewives" has completely changed the dynamics of the Foxtel hit reality show. 

'The whole thing has totally changed,' she said excitedly. 

Referring to last year's C-word debacle between Gina Liano and now former cast member Andrea Moss, the self proclaimed 'Switzerland' of the group said, 'It's faster, it's quicker and there's far more interesting things happening - there isn't just one story line this time.'

'I think this year is going to be better than last year.'

Keebaugh, the mother of two said it also helps that they have one season under their belts.

'I think we all now know what we're doing and we have an understanding of what it's like to have done a season.'

Joining Chyka, Gina, Janet Roach, Jackie Gillies and Lydia Schiavello are newcomers Pettifleur Berenger and Gamble Breaux.

Gamble, the wife of renowned Melbourne eye surgeon Dr Richard Wolfe, and Pettitfleur are new additions to the reality show after original cast member Andrea did not return for the second season. 

'None of us knew them,' said Keebaugh about her new cast members. 'None of us have any connections and it's been quite interesting getting to know them.'

The Real Housewives of Melbourne is set to return in early 2015 on Foxtel's Arena!

Photo Credit: Foxtel/Arena TV