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Recap: I Dream Of NeNe: The Wedding - Episode 1: Remix of Love

This week on I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding, Nene and Gregg find NeNe’s first wedding dress. NeNe reveals she wants to incorporate her old veil into her new wedding dress, let’s see how that will play out. Next Gregg and NeNe watch their first wedding video, and I must say it’s a fun scene to watch. We see old school NeNe and that kiss between NeNe and Gregg reminded me of Phaedra and Apollo, I’ll leave it at that.

Next NeNe and Gregg meet with NeNe’s aunts for lunch and they give NeNe their blessing on their engagement however they soon realize that NeNe may be holding on to some hurt from the past. NeNe then goes behind Gregg’s back and meets with her divorce lawyer Randy regarding the possibilities of getting a pre-nup. Randy encourages NeNe and explains to her there's different ways of obtaining a pre-nup before getting married, which later on she feels empowered by this, after all we all have to protect our assets right?

Even thought NeNe hates doing radio interviews because she hates waking up early for them, she did for the guys at V-103. NeNe talks about being an African American Actress in Hollywood and her dreams of being in the big screen. NeNe also talks about her upcoming wedding with Gregg and her love for a pre-nup. Despite the DJ’s giving her a hard time for going back with Gregg, NeNe knows that Gregg is the man for her. Since NeNe discussed the pre-nup situation during her radio interview, she feels like she has to come clean and talk to Gregg about it.

NeNe and Gregg meet up and as NeNe is going to confess to her man regarding the pre-nup the conversation stirs into another direction, Gregg’s kids. We learn that before meeting NeNe, Gregg has 5 other kids who are now all grown and are not too fond of the rich bitch herself, NeNe Leakes. We also learn that Gregg and his other kids from another marriage are distant despite living in the same town, NeNe wants to fix this and bring the family together before their wedding and NeNe suggests for them to attend family therapy, the only issue is that Gregg is old school and he doesn't believe in therapy, let’s see how this goes.

NeNe meets up with her uncle, Mel and those two together are freaking hilarious, I really hope we get to see more of them together. Soon they talk about probably inviting NeNe’s father Curtis to the wedding but NeNe states that her father has been very distant from her especially after the DNA tests during Season 1 of RHOA. NeNe compares the similarities between her father and Gregg, I guess we all fall in love with someone who is similar to our father right? Well in this case it seems that way. Mel calls Curtis and as soon as he answers NeNe takes over and invites her dad to her wedding and she tells him she will fly him over and she will take care of the expensive. Let’s pray that he makes it to her wedding.

Next NeNe meets with her son Bryson at a furniture store since he needs furniture so therefore he reaches out to his mom for help. We learn that he was involved in an accident and he has to have his leg on bedrest for 3 months and NeNe is not happy about this, she is tired of being worried about his poor choices and not being responsible especially since he is now a father of her glam baby. Bryson also drops the bombshell that him and his baby mama have broken up. NeNe schools her son to take responsibility and to grow up, she doesn't want her glam baby to be without her daddy, well said NeNe PLONK! NeNe tells her son that she wants him to walk her down the aisle at her wedding even if he is in his crutches.

Next NeNe and Gregg visit Dr. Jeff for some family therapy. Gregg refuses to open up and talk about their past issues and is adamant to talk about certain subjects to anyone including NeNe. As Dr. Jeff tries to help and defuse the situation, Gregg refuses to open up and gets defensive right away. NeNe expresses to Gregg the concerns she has with his kids not accepting her and the distance between their families, NeNe even says her younger son doesn't even know his stepbrothers and sisters and some of Gregg’s family which is a concern for NeNe. Gregg doesn't like that Dr. Jeff is giving his impute regarding his kids especially since he has never meet him and shuts down, NeNe won’t stop until this issue is resolved.

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Photo Credit: Bravo