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Recap: Basketball Wives Season 5 - Episode 2

Evelyn's friend Tasha Marbury meets the ladies while Suzie and Tami's insatiable curiosity about an old tabloid scandal makes waves. Read our mini recap below!

During this episode we are introduced to Tasha Marbury, the newest cast member of Basketball Wives. While in LA Evelyn and Tasha meet up and play catch up. Evelyn and Tasha toast to having fun

Evelyn dishes to Tasha Marbury. While in LA, Evelyn meets with her close friend, Tasha, who is the wife of Stephon Marbury. The two catch up and Evelyn suggests that Tasha meet the other women.

Tami spends some quality time with her daughters. They discuss about school and one of her daughter’s is ready to get her driver’s license.

Evelyn and Tasha do some yoga and catch about their love lives and potentially meeting the rest of the ladies.

While hiking Suzie talks to Evelyn about her life being out of control and how she needs to grow up and make some changes. Suzie admits she is struggling with being single and if afraid of ending up alone. Evelyn gives Suzie some handy advice and tells her she needs to put herself out there by going on dates.

Evelyn mourns the loss of her brother-in-law. Evelyn talks with her mom and sister about Anthony's death and about moving forward. Evelyn's sister gives her a cross necklace which has Anthony's ashes inside. I really hope Evelyn gets closure soon, I don’t like seeing her sad and vulnerable, but I get why. Tami knows the meaning of hustling and hard work. Tami shares with us her new business venture which is a line of nail polishes. She meets with cosmetics consultant, Patricia Yankee, to discuss about her upcoming line of nail polishes

Evelyn plans a party with Tasha. Evelyn gives Tasha the tea on all of the ladies especially about Tami. Tasha reveals she wants to open a weave bar, Evelyn tells her Tami has a weave line and fears there might be a weave war. Evelyn warns Tasha that she doesn't want her to meet Tami while Tami is drinking cause she fears they are going to start off in a bad place.

Evelyn and Tami go shopping and Evelyn brings up Tasha. Evelyn wants to introduce her to Tasha however Tami is not feeling it as she is tired of inducting people to the school of Tami Roman this is who the fuck she is!

Tami and Suzie meet for lunch and discuss about newbie Tasha Marbury. Suzie learns the juicy details of Tasha's split. The two discuss the chef cheating incident and wonder if it's true. Tami convinces Suzie to ask Tasha about it and Suzie agrees.

The ladies arrive at Tasha’s house for the dinner party. This party is a no shoe friendly as each of the wives must take their shoes off in order to get into the house. Even though it’s a champagne party, Tami is Tami and asks Tasha is she has any beer lol. Tami had me rolling with her throwing shade at Tasha it was hilarious. It’s dinner time and then it gets awkward. While at Tasha's dinner party, Suzie breaks the ice and asks Tasha if the story about her husband and the chef is true.

Next week we will see the continuation of the dinner party.

Basketball Wives airs at 8/7c only on VH1

Source/Photo Credit: VH1