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Video: Robin Reichman & Mary Zilba Sing The Canadian National Anthem!

The Real Housewives of Vancouver stars Robin Reichman and Mary Zilba sang The Canadian National Anthem at The Hastings Racecourse in Vancouver, BC. Canada Day on July 1st, 2013! As it comes to no surprise to us both ladies did an amazing job singing the Canadian National Anthem! Both Robin and Mary's voices blended well together. We're still waiting for Mary to release her new single and we want Robin to release a single, she has an amazing voice and she needs to put in good use aka my iPod!. Watch the ladies sing the Canadian National Anthem below!

What are YOUR thoughts on the performance? Would you like Robin to record a single? Would you like to see Mary and Robin record a song together? Who's excited for Mary's new single? Tell us your thoughts!
Video Credit: The Hasting Racecourse/YouTube
Photo Credit: Slice / Edited by: iRealHousewives