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Recap: Hollywood Exes Season 2 - Episode 4

This week on Hollywood Exes, Nicole receives a visit from her friend Shamicka Lawrence, the recent ex-wife of Martin Lawrence, and wants to introduce her to the other Hollywood Exes. Meanwhile, Drea is incensed by a comment Jessica made after meeting Mayte's new baby. Later, during Sheree's birthday celebration, she is overcome with emotion and reveals her true feelings about Jessica. Read our recap below!

The episode starts with Mayte and Nelly are expecting the arrival of Mayte’s father, so Mayte sets up a mini makeover for Nelly. Mayte’s parents haven’t seen each other for over a year since he is living in Puerto Rico taking care of his ill mother. While Mayte’s excited to see her father, Nelly is a nervous wreck, you can tell she still loves him.

Meanwhile, Drea and Sheree go shopping for baby clothes for baby Gia. While shopping, Drea starts getting emotional while shopping for Mayte’s daughter. Sheree and Drea both agree that Mayte seems less sad thanks to baby Gia. Sheree brings up Jessica and Drea is not having it. Once again Drea is annoyed with Jessica's comments that she made at Mayte’s house when she introduced baby Gia. Drea feels Jessica ruined Mayte’s moment and was out of line. Drea shares how Jessica makes her feel by saying “I was on fire” “My weave almost went up in smoke.” Drea never disappoints us with her amazing one liners. Side note: This season clearly is not going to be a sisterhood like Season 1 was. This season is quickly becoming The Real Housewives of Hollywood due to the Drea vs. Jessica drama. Anyone feels the same way? Moving on!

Next Jessica arrives from out of town to discover that her daughter Josie threw a party without her consent. Jessica is not pleased by the news especially since Josie had a babysitter and didn’t even bothered to inform her. If I was Jessica I would have fired her on the spot, but I digress. Jessica grounds Josie and takes away her Mercedes car for two weeks. Next Nicole invites Jessica and Sheree over to her house to try on some costumes for an upcoming costume party. All the ladies try on a costume and they all have a wardrobe malfunction. Jessica’s peacock is too small, Sheree astronaut costume reveals major camel toe and Nicole’s belly dancer costume reveals too much of her breast. They all had fun but it’s clear the ladies will not wear these costumes.

It’s time for the costume party and Sheree arrives as Nicki Minaj. Sheree looks hilarious, she’s wearing a pink wig and stiffed her booty 3 times the size. Drea looks like a show girl and loses t when she see’s Sheree dressed as Nicki Minaj, she can’t stop laughing about it and neither can we. Apparently Mayte is dressed as the one and only Cher but all she’s wearing is a dress, she’s dressed as Mayte not as Cher, and if she did she failed. Nicole is dressed as a sexy pirate and Jessica arrives dressed as a slaughtered baby cow. Jessica dresses that way to prevent people from eating veal. And once again Drea is not pleased with Jessica. A tall man arrives in a costume and Jessica tells the girls it’s Jose. She makes sure it’s Jose as she reaches to grab his junk and confirms it by saying “no nuts” “it’s Jose”. Jessica jump on Jose and wraps her legs around him. The ladies are shocked by this since Jessica has been considering moving in with her boyfriend.

The next day Jessica and Nicole talk about Jose. Jessica admits she and Jose drank way to much and went home together. Jessica admits nothing sexual happened and she doesn’t care if her boyfriend finds out. Nicole asks Jessica if she would take Jose back and Jessica says if he had his “shit together” she probably would. The thought of supporting a man turns Jessica off. Jessica ends the conversation by stating she is contact with her boyfriend and his credit card.

Next, Nicole introduces us to new cast member Shamicka Lawrence. Shamicka is recently divorced from Martin Lawrence. Shamicka shares the struggles of divorce and her struggle of being married to a Hollywood actor. Shamicka being the classy woman she is admits Martin is a good man, great father but at the end of the day they just grew apart. Shamicka admits she lots herself in her marriage as she gets emotional and Nicole agrees with Shamicka. Shamicka admits it’s time to get herself back together and Nicole invites her on an upcoming girls trip. I have to say I am in LOVE with Shamicka, naturally beautiful, great heart and watching her talk and cry also made me cry, everyone can relate to her story.

Next Sheree and Mayte celebrate their birthdays with Drea and Jessica. Nicole couldn’t attend since she had to go to New York to visit her fiancé. Drea ignores Jessica and Jessica can sense the tension which makes her awkward. Sooner than you think Jessica reaches her phone and claims her daughter Josie needs her therefore she is leaving. Jessica leaves and the ladies quickly gossip about Jessica. Drea is over Jessica, Mayte believes Jessica is using Josie as an excuse and Sheree thinks maybe it was true of states that maybe Jessica was just uncomfortable. Mayte then brings up the comment Jessica made about Gia’s biological mother and Drea gets upset and cries in the process. Drea has no more tolerance for Jessica and she is clearly over her. The ladies discuss about Gia’s biological mother and agree that sometimes you have to let go of the person you love the most and think this why Gia’s mom placed her for adoption since she couldn’t take care of her and I completely agree with them.

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